Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

I've found that Bobbi Brown is a brand that doesn't compromise on quality in the slightest. One of my most used products by them is their Smokey Eye Mascara which I've been wearing a lot recently both day and night, I don't think I've left the house without it on in a good few weeks; even if I've been wearing it alone it gives me an effortless boost in glamour and confidence.

When thinking about how to describe this mascara the word that really stands out for me is effortless. When applying, just the right amount clings onto the wand from the tube so I don't have to mess around trying to scrape the excess off and the mascara itself glides on like a dream, the majority of my lashes are covered after one application. The one coat is pretty impressive on it's own, but it's still buildable and two coats will give double the effect if desired. I don't 100% know why this is called a 'smokey eye' mascara, but I will say it gives seductively dark and lengthy lashes that look as natural as they come. 

I find that applying two coats will thicken my eyelashes somewhat but as a whole the most prominent effect of this mascara is the length and darkness that it gives my eyelashes. When I say this mascara gives a natural look to my eyelashes it's because it applies completely evenly and does not stick my lashes together in the slightest. The most notable element of this mascara for me is that it creates zero clumps - literally zero - I don't think I've encountered a single clump in all the time I've used this which is very impressive. A massive problem I've had with a few drugstore mascaras is that they do tend to transfer quite a bit, even the waterproof ones. I've had next to no transfer with this mascara which I love as it means no more pain in the arse trying to tidy up! Despite the fact transfer isn't a problem for me with this mascara it still comes completely off with ease at bedtime which is fab; no morning panda eyes to worry about.

Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye Mascara has become one of my most used and favourite mascaras as it gives everything you'd want in a decent mascara without a clump in sight. Although it is a little bit of the pricey side at £22.50 for 5ml, the price certainly reflects in the quality and hasn't left me disappointed.



  1. Ooh I am such a mascara junkie and this one sounds like my kind of mascara!

    Sophie x

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  3. I am really wanting this mascara now, not that I need it. I have so many mascaras but this sounds super cool! Great post, I enjoyed it :)

    Juliana Grace |

  4. I've never tried this mascara before, but it sounds amazing!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

  5. Funnily enough I found that this smudged so badly on me! Mascara is quite a personal thing isn't it? My eye shape means that I find mascara smudging quite an issue.
    Ting |

  6. I've never tried Bobbi Brown but every "effortless" product is my best friend! I've been struggling with mascaras lately none is actually good for my taste, maybe this one is! Have to take a look :)

    Mary Bloomy


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