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Dealing With Nightmare Neighbours

Dealing With Nightmare Neighbours

Moving into our flat has been a mostly amazing experience, but a few weeks ago we encountered a little bit of trouble with one of our neighbours. Nothing major, but after talking to my mum about it she shared some stories that she'd heard from friends who had also good through issues with their neighbours. This got me thinking that maybe conflict between neighbours happened more often that I first thought; it was a relief to know we were the only people in the world with an a-hole neighbour. In lieu, I wanted to share advice from my own experience to help anyone going through a similar situation. 


Even if you have a neighbour that is frustrating you so much you want to kick over their wheelie bin, don't. When it comes to a situation like this you have to play by the rules and take the proper procedure, especially if you live in a rented property. Starting immature behaviour towards your neighbour will upset your landlord if they (and they will) find out, so honestly don't even waste your time. If you're in the right the correct way of going about it will pay off, don't try and sort things out by your own means.


Before moving into our flat and having problems with our neighbour we had no idea of what our rights were as tenants with this sort of thing. We didn't know what we were entitled to or how to go about explaining our issues to our building manager. If you do start having problems with your neighbours do a quick bit of homework to find out what the laws are regarding your situation so you've a bit of comfort as to where you stand and what the right actions to take are legally.


Whether you discuss issues with your landlord, letting agent or building manager, keep them up to date of the situation so they are aware of all the issues you've been having. You don't need to call them every time something minor happens, but keep a diary of instances and when it gets to around 5 get in contact with them and let them know what's been going on. I know it can be embarrassing to complain - you don't want to feel like you're kicking up a fuss or causing trouble - but if find yourself in a position where you need support from your building manager, you want them to be up to date and familiar with everything that has been happening. You don't want to go, "I've been having a really bad problem for X amount of months," just for them to say, "Well, why didn't you tell us when it first started?". It makes you appear like the problem isn't as important as you're saying it is. These are the people that are here to help you, so take advantage of that and speak out when you need to.


At the end of the day, even if you have a nightmare neighbour treat them as you would like to be treated as the good book says. Rise above any pathetic behavior and behave civilly, it'll make you look like the better person in the situation and kicking off will only provide ammunition against you. If you're the victim in the scenario you don't want to provide them the opportunity to look like the victim at all when they are the root of the problem. Maintain your calm and dignified appearance and if they carry on they will only be digging themselves a deeper hole.

I really hope that none of you are experiencing any problems with your neighbours, but I hope if you are or do in the future that this can be valuable advice to you. It can be horrible, you feel uncomfortable in your own home but it can be solved; there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. This is really great advice. I've never actually seen anyone blog about something like this before so it's really useful!
    Megan x
    London Callings


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