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Favourite Four: Budget Lipsticks

Top 4 budget lipsticks swatches Rimmel London Asia Rimmel London Heather Shimmer Topshop Inhibition Rebel With Cause Makeup Revolution review
Top 4 budget lipsticks swatches Rimmel London Asia Rimmel London Heather Shimmer Topshop Inhibition Rebel With Cause Makeup Revolution review

Who doesn't love a lipstick, especially a good quality one that's as cheap as chips? Some of the favourites in my collection are actually under the £10 mark, proving to me that an amazing lipstick doesn't need to cost the world. These four lipsticks are always in my handbags and I keep going back to again and again; these are the ones that I'm constantly using whatever the season (you can see by the pictures they are very used!), but also ones that I feel are luscious on my lips despite being suitable for any budget.

Top 4 budget lipsticks swatches Rimmel London Asia Rimmel London Heather Shimmer Topshop Inhibition Rebel With Cause Makeup Revolution review


This was one of the first dark lipsticks I ever bought and it's served me well over the years. I've heard that Topshop make-up is developed by the same people as MAC, so you can expect fabulous quality without the hefty price tag. This is the most expensive in this list and at times it definitely feels it as the colour is so gorgeously bold and longwearing, it really stands out in that sense. The only negative point I can raise about this lipstick is that the formula is quite drying, but I have unusually dry lips anyway so I imagine if you have 'normal' lips in won't be a problem. However, if you do have dry lips like me just pop your Vaseline in your handbag with this so you can give your lips a little moisture top up if need be.


I recently wrote a full review of this gorgeous little dark pink number here, which you can read if you want a broader picture of this lipstick. The cheapest of these budget lipsticks at only £1 Makeup Revolution is a bargain hunter's dream brand. I have a few lipsticks from Makeup Revolution and this is my favourite of them, as it gives a really lovely colour which gets the balance between statement and feminine spot on. Whilst the staying power isn't quite perfect, for £1 I think it's pretty impressive. This is definitely a lipstick that's worth trying for anyone that misses their pink lippy now that it's no longer summer as it's ideal for this season but is still girly and glamorous.


I often sing Rimmel's lipsticks praises, so obviously a Rimmel lippy had to be within my favourite four budget lipsticks! Asia is one I've had in my collection basically forever and it's my go to when I want a subtle but pretty nude lip. The shade is a slightly pink nude and I often find myself reaching for it if I want a light lip colour for date night with James or for uni when it's early in the AM and I don't fancy wearing anything too bold, but I still want something to compliment my lips and give a bit of colour to my face. I find this lipstick is really gorgeous on my dry lips and the longwear has never given me a reason to complain. Basically, if you struggle finding a budget lipstick that is suitable for dry lips and won't rub off in an hour, Rimmel is the brand to investigate.


The creme de la creme of lipstick formulas. I LOVE the Rimmel London Moisture Renew collection, it's literally what my lips yearn for every time I wear a lipstick. It's like all the other lipsticks in the world are shoes that are fabulous but they aren't 100% comfortable, but this is the shoe that is gorgeous and it fits! I've not had this for that long but I'm dangerously close to the end this is really a shade that's been well loved by me. Like Asia it's a nude, but more of a brown nude with a slight shimmer to it which makes it the ideal nude for an evening out as it adds to the glamorous factor. The thing that really gets me excited and makes me happy about this lipstick is that it is just so nourishing for my dry lips. The texture is extremely soft and dreamy, and it doesn't leave my lips dry after a few hours or wear which is pleasant. The second this runs out I will be sprinting to town to repurchase as this has become one of my most loved lipsticks in the short time that I've had it.

I'd love to hear what your favourite lipsticks under the £10 mark are, let me know in a comment below!



  1. Topshop inhibition is gorgeous i am still yet to try ANY of their make up which is shocking xx

  2. Total loving Rebel with cause! What a gorgeous colour! :)

    Lucie xx
    Fatbeautyx | Plus Size Fashion & Beauty Blogger & Vlogger

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  3. Absolutely love all the colours! The two Rimmel ones are by far my favourite! Lovely selection.

  4. I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks & the Kiko Unlimited Stylos have amazing pigment and last all day and night, making them perfect for the party season. '006' is my favourite shade :)


  5. I love Rimmel lipsticks, such great picks gorgeous :)

    X Emma |

  6. When you say nude, you mean your lips colour? I normally think of nude as a brown colour.

    I tried the Topshop one recently but didn't get it. I got a couple of other similar colours, I just couldn't decide!

    Amy at Amy & More

  7. All gorgeous colours,
    your blog is lovely!

    Rebecca | xx

  8. They've been well-loved! And rightly so as you've picked lovely shades - I prefer a dark lip to a traditional red xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

  9. Makeup Rev have an amazing range of shades xx
    Love Vicki <3


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