Thursday, 25 December 2014

Favourite Four: Christmas Traditions

Favourite Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm writing this exactly one week before Christmas Eve but I'm super excited for Christmas Day already and I hope that you're all having a magical, special Christmas. My parents are divorced but this year we are spending it all together which I've been looking forward to for a good few months, I can't think of any better way to spend Christmas than with both my parents and my brother. Even though that is a different (but very special) element to our Christmas this year, there are some traditions that we still stick to every single year and that I absolutely love and look forward to all year. 

Christmas Day breakfast is my absolute favourite. For as long as I can remember we've had a selection of cheeses, ham and bread which when I was younger I didn't really appreciate (I wanted chocolate cereal) but as I've got older I really look forward to and enjoy our cheese board breakfasts. Food is obviously a huge part of Christmas and undoubtedly one of the best bits of the festive season. How could I miss out Christmas dinner when talking about my favourite Christmas traditions? Obviously I couldn't, I absolutely love a heaped plate of meat, roast potatoes, vegetables, yorkshire pudding, pigs in blankets ect ect. My mouth's watering just writing this.

Moving away from food, other Christmas traditions that warm my heart are the giving of gifts and seeing homemade decorations. I absolutely love shopping for other people, and whilst recently I'm absolutely broke and could never justifying spending the amount of money that I spent on myself, I can easily spend on others. This year I told my brother and parents that they were going to be receiving £5 presents as I'm on a strict budget, but when it actually came down to the shopping I couldn't resist spending a tiny bit more on each of them. Of course it's not about how much you spend it's about the thoughtfulness of the gifts and I'm hoping they all love their budget, yet thoughtful presents. At my mum's house we also have a Christmas decorations box that is filled with baubles and ornaments, some of which are handmade by myself and my brother when we were younger or my nanny. Although I didn't help decorate the tree this year, I'm looking forward to seeing the tree and all the familiar decorations as each year I love seeing them. There's something extra special about homemade anything and one of my highlights at Christmas is receiving a homemade card from my nanny, they are always beautiful and something to look forward to.

Each household has different Christmas traditions and I'd love to hear yours too. I hope you're all having an amazing Christmas Day filled with food, laughter and joy!



  1. It's so lovely with these traditions! Sounds like you've had a wonderful Christmas! xx

  2. sound like you had a great christmas! great post luv i enjoyed reading it

  3. Aww that's so nice that you're whole family got to get together to celebrate. So interesting learning about everyone's traditions areound the holidays. (-: We always stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve, open presents and then just sleep in and watch Christmas movies on Christmas day. Hope you had a great New Year as well! Looking forward to reading more in 2015!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M


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