Wednesday, 24 December 2014

How To Save More Money In The Sales

Christmas is over unfortunately but that means Boxing Day sales! Sales are any shopaholic's dream, especially if you're a bargain hunter like myself. The majority of stores offer amazing deals but if you want to make the most of the sales there are some steps you can take to ensure you're getting the best bargains you possibly can. 


I already know what items I will be looking for as soon as the sales start and having a good idea of exactly what you want means you'll be less likely to just spend aimlessly and actually spend your money on what you know you want and need. I can't tell you the amount of things I've bought on sale and never even worn so save wasting your time and money and make a list of what you actually want. They'll always be gems you find that aren't on that list but for the most part trying to stick to what you know you want.


It's a common misconception that doing this takes up a lot of time and for little reward, but I beg to differ. Prepare goes hand in hand with compare as if you know what you want you can look in various different stores to compare prices and therefore save yourself money. For example, I'm after a camel cashmere jumper and I'll just pop that into Google and several different results will come up from different stores. In seconds I can see where I can get one for the best price and I might find myself an absolute bargain somewhere that I might not of looked. It can take a little more time if you're not shopping online, but even comparing online before you go out to the shops is a great idea.

How To Save More Money In The Sales


When you organize your boxing day sale wishlist make a note of what you really want and separate those items from the rest of the list. Buy what you desperately need first as you don't want them to disappear but then wait to see if there are any further reductions before buying your less coveted after items. Patience is a virtue and it might save you quite a bit of money on those less important products, so I'd recommend doing your sale shopping in two waves; one sooner rather than later for your must haves and a second nearer the end of the sales for your extras.


The items I look out for the most while sale shopping are things that I want to be a little bit more expensive so the quality is long lasting but with a fraction of the price tag as they're on sale. Coats, shoes and electronics are what I really keep my eyes peeled for during the sales as these are investment products. A good coat will last years, so look for something that is a good quality; usually these would cost a bomb, but in the sales these sorts of items will be available at a lower cost but not with any lower quality.


I do the opposite during summer sales and I always buy myself lots of new winter bits for the next winter while they are at a discounted price. This means by the time next winter swings around I have tons of unworn, new stuff that stops me from buying a lot of full priced winter clothes when it actually gets to that season. When I do this I tend to get more staple items that I know will carry me into next year, no matter what the trends are. Last winter pastels were a lot bigger than they were this year, so stick to items that are flexible and will carry you through all sorts of trends, not just items that are on trend at the moment to avoid getting caught out.

Writing this has got me really excited to see if there are any steals I can find in the sales this year, I hope you all have fun sale shopping too; it's just one of the things that is great fun this time of year.


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  1. This is great! I never prepare myself or compare things when sale shopping and sometimes miss out good things or buy ones that I don't ever use! This tips are a huge help! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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