Sunday, 21 December 2014

Knitwear Wishlist

Knitwear Wish List

In the past week the weather has really turned cold, like really really cold hasn't it?! Luckily the sky has still been clear and blue and the sun is still shining (I would not be happy if it was cold as well as gloomy) but it definitely feels like winter as there is such a crisp, coldness in the air which makes me want to layer up like never before; sweater weather is officially here! Sweater weather and a gorgeous selection of knitwear in stores come hand in hand and these are a few of my favourite knitwear picks of the moment.

I'm typically a pastel and bold colour kind of girl when it comes to jumpers, but recently I've been drawn to neutrals so much more. I've found myself lusting over greys, camels and blacks (obviously) majorly, I find they give a lot more flexibilty with statement lips and make-up and just have a much more timeless, mature feel to them. I feel so weird recently whenever I say the word mature. I feel like I'm at point in my life where everything I'm doing is so exciting and grown up but part of me still feels like I'm so small and everything else is all so big. It's an overwhelming feeling but in a good way. I think I'm just getting to grips with growing up and being an 'adult'- ha!

What's your favourite knitwear item from this wishlist?


  1. That knitted dress looks amazing! And I totally agree, I feel freezing all the time at the moment so my life is knitwear after knitwear. Great post! x



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