Sunday, 14 December 2014

Style Diary: Nearly Burberry

Cape- eBay | Jeans- Topshop | Boots- Primark | Top- Debenhams | Hair Piece- Hot Hair*

Anyone remember that gorgeous Burberry cape that dominated London Fashion Week earlier in the year and inspired the massive poncho/cape trend in AW14? Of course you do and who can blame you, I've been obsessed with the unique Burberry ones ever since seeing photos of them during Fashion Week and although I've seen some lovely ones in stores, none of them have made me nearly as in love as the Original Burberry. In an attempt to chase the dragon I ventured onto eBay, where I found this absolute beauty. The colours were perfect, the design almost identical to the original, minus my initials printed on the side of course -even if I did have them everyone would think I was a freak trying to be Cara Delevinge. Can't explain to everyone in the world that my initials genuinely are CD. When I got this in the post I was over the moon with it. The quality was lovely despite how cheap it was and I've received quite a few compliments about it which is always nice, isn't it?

 I've been lusting so much after long hair recently as you have probably noticed from my last Style Diary post (read it here) and today I am wearing a gorgeous faux ponytail from HotHair. I've been pretty obsessed with this recently as it's given my mid wash hairstyle a complete switch around, actually making it pretty glamorous if I may say so myself! My second day hair is always just a top not, but in this last week  I've been donning a gorgeous, long sleek ponytail instead. It's super easy to fix into your hair and I've found it blends perfectly with my natural hair making me not think twice about popping it in.

If you're after a glamorous hair piece or extensions for yourself, visit to see the gorgeous pieces they have to offer. Ideal for NYE or your work Christmas party!



  1. I adore all the Burberry-esque capes too. I'd totally buy one for myself with RP on it, if I had the money haha x

  2. Thank you for sharing your link with me tonight on Twitter! I've followed your fabulous blog!
    Would love you to check out mine! xxx

  3. You look lovely!!! Xx

    Abi |


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