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5 Reasons To Dump Your Cleansing Wipes

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One of the most memorable beauty tips I've learnt during my time blogging is that cleansing wipes are bad for your skin. Beauty gurus everywhere will repeat that advice and suggest that wipes are saved for emergency use only. The transition from quick, convenient wipes to thorough micellar water was one I won't ever look back from, but why should make-up wipes be avoided? Here are a few good reasons to steer clear of these devils in disguise. 


Make-up wipes have the ability to effectively remove your make-up due to having a high alcohol and fragrance content. This allows them to remove your make-up with ease but the alcohol in the wipes can leave your skin irritated and dried out.


Make-up wipes are fine at removing your surface make-up, but there's a limit to what they can do. In comparison to a normal cleanser they do not give as much of a deep cleanse so if you have to use a make-up wipe to remove your make-up try to rinse your face with water afterwards.

My personal biggest problem with using make-up wipes was that around my eyes always feel worse for wear after using them. Removing eye make-up can be a challenge with them and rubbing harshly around that delicate area with the rough and chemical heavy wipes can make your eye area sore and dry.


Although make-up wipes remove a fraction of your make-up, they can spread more bacteria than actually cleanse your face. Your wipes can collect bacteria and grime that you're trying to remove and spread it around to different areas of your face. In turn, this clogs your pores and causes spots and blackheads.


Think this through, make-up wipes are moist sheets that can be stored for over 12 months in close contact with eachother. This can be a breeding ground for bacteria and to compensate and try and prevent this harsh chemicals and ingredients are added to your wipes.

Although it may be hard to imagine life without your beloved effortless make-up wipes, I promise that a cleanser and/or micellar water can remove your make-up just as quickly but a lot better, and without all this nasty backlash.



  1. I did not know all of this stuff but it makes total sense once you think about it - i use wipes then my micellar water, i think i will be ditching the wipes now though!!

  2. Amazing post! I stopped using make-up wipes last year and my skin has been amazing ever since.

    CharlotteSamantha //

  3. Cleansing Wipes are not good for your skin at all~ ^ ^
    It always confuses me when people insist of using them! ^ - ^

  4. I use tea tree wipes when I run out of face scrubs, kind of like an emergency back up as you mentioned. THANKFULLY! my mum bought me lots of garnier products at Christmas, and they have been working a treat :) x

  5. Finally someone was brave enough to say it!! I hate face wipes and I would only use them if there was no other choice!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty

  6. Lovely post!!!! Great photos. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin

  7. Yes, amazing post! I love face wipes for after the gym for a quick "wipe-off" if I don't have much time but cleansers or cleansing oils are my go-to for removing all of my makeup!

    Brigette |

  8. if i could get my hands on some micellar water, i would ditch my wipes in a second!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  9. I always wondered why people hated so much on wipes haha, I use baby oil, a hot cloth cleanser and then my normal tone and moisturise so i don't have this problem but wouldn't want to be lazy now xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  10. I'm ashamed to say I used face wipes as my entire skincare routine until about a year ago. How things have changed...xx

    Magpie Jasmine || Palette Giveaway: Urban Decay, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced

  11. I've used Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for a good few years now and wouldn't ever go back to wipes, if you ever have to use them at a friend's house or something they just feel so horrible in comparison to cleanser! X

  12. I've always heard that wipes are bad for you but I've never given them up because they're just so convenient. But I hadn't thought about half of these points, especially that last one - ew! Never heard of Micellar water but might have to give it a look :)

  13. Great post, I used to use makeup wipes till I started blogging and realised they were devils work!

  14. This is a great post! I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since I stopped using wipes.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  15. I ran our of micellar water and borrowed my bloke's cheap Waitrose face wipes and good god, my skin went mental! Never again!

  16. I've been using makeup wipes for years and so far they haven't had any negative effects on my skin. In fact, they're a must for me everyday.

    1. In regards to it irritating skin, that's why it's a good idea to look for wipes that are meant for sensitive skin. There are a variety I've tried that have no fragrance and are hypo-allergenic. Nivea has one that's just come out recently.

    2. Wipes aren't meant to be a cleanser you rely on. They're just great (and a life saver) when you don't have the time or energy to wash your face thoroughly before bed. It's still always best to use a proper face cleanser. What I do is I use the wipes to remove as much surface makeup as I can, then I follow it up by washing my face properly.

    3. Yes, wipes aren't the best thing to use for the eye area what with all the tugging and rubbing you'll most likely have to do, so you really have to invest in a good cleanser for eye makeup that'll really dissolve the stuff. I use an oil cleanser for my eyes and wipes for the rest of my face.

    4. Again, that's why it's still best to wash your face afterwards or use an additional cleanser (oil, astringent, toner, etc.)

    5. I have to disagree somewhat about the wipes collecting bacteria. I mean, unless you've had the same pack of wipes for a long time. Generally wipes, if used everyday, can be all used up within 1-2 weeks. Maybe even 3 or more, depending on how much is in the pack of course. As long as you make sure they're always properly sealed and don't dig around in the pack with dirty fingers, then they're fine. Like a lot of makeup items, once they've been with you too long, it's best to chuck them.

    I'm not trying to 'trash' your post or anything, just wanted to share my own personal experience with wipes in general. It's an experience many people I know share too. Like many beauty products, wipes are a case-to-case basis if you will, so just because it doesn't work for someone, doesn't meant it won't work for everyone else too :)

  17. After constantly hearing about how bad face wipes are for your skin I dumped them and bought the Garner Micellar water. (I mean that many people in the beauty industry can't be wrong!!) But since, I haven't seen a massive change to my skin. I'm still having as many breakouts as before, but I am giving this a chance and playing it out because I really do need to get a skin regime under control. Great post.

    Nyaomi x Z Miss Wright

  18. I get quite a severe reaction to wipes, see here

  19. I've never used makeup wipes as I just don't feel clean after, even camping I'd rather take a proper face wash! It all makes sense when you think about it, I'll continue avoiding them :)

    Jess xo

  20. I don't use wipes , washing my face does a better job but i like to use wipes sometimes to remove lipstick.
    50 shades of liz


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