Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015: Reflections & Resolutions

2015 New Years Resolution

At the end of 2014, during the Christmas and New Year period, James and I left our flat and have been in our home town (London, for anyone that's curious) for the past few weeks. This has meant next to no blogging and a lot of family time and while it is nice to be back home at our flat and in a routine, the time away has been lovely and it has definitely been one of the best, most memorable festive periods I've had in a long time. 

Reflecting on 2014 I feel truly blessed for the amazing year I've had. I finished my first year of university, have had holidays to two amazing destinations, passed my driving test and got a car, moved out of my mum's house and into my first home with James and have been so proud and happy with the development and growth of my blog over the last year (thanks guys, couldn't of done it without you!). Despite all these remarkable life events that I've had I think one of the best things about 2014 has been my growth in confidence, willpower, direction and ambition. These are changes in me that I really feel better for and whilst I'm definitely not the most confident, strong, ambitious person in the world the improvements I have made are enough to make me happy and feel excited for the future and definitely excited for 2015.

At the start of last year I made vague resolutions loosely centered around losing a few pounds, all that generic stuff but this year I've got some (not a lot, but some) solid resolutions that I look forward to achieving.

1. Save at least £1000 towards a mortgage

2014 was definitely a year of spending (over spending) but this year I've got a lot more long term plans in my mind that I really want to save for, one of which being a mortgage. When I say £1000, this would be between me and James which actually is completely realistic as that's not really masses of money each. We both want to physically start saving towards our future together and I think this is a not too intimidating goal to start with for this year. 

2. Go dairy free

I've struggled with my skin basically forever and despite having found products that temporarily worked for me in the past, nothing has ever seemed to permanently keep my blemishes at bay. I'm tired with messing around with product after product on my skin so instead I'm approaching my complexion battle from the inside out. I've read that dairy can be a cause of acne so I'm hoping that by going completely diary free and having an overall healthier, less sugar heavy diet it will help both my skin and my overall health and well being. I'm a massive cheese lover and this definitely won't be an easy resolution so wish me luck!

3. Finish my second year at university with at least a 2:1

It's no secret that I absolutely love university. I love my course and it's the first time in my life that I've ever been happy in the education system; the combination of being passionate about journalism and my writing and the way the university learning environment is just works for me. I really enjoy it and to not do well would be so frustrating so I'd love to finish this year with a grade to be proud of.

4. Create a new blog layout

This is currently in the works and will definitely be a resolution that I can tick off my list before all the others, hopefully by the end of this month! I've absolutely loved my current layout, it's so pretty and in my opinion quite unique but as I'm getting older I'm after a design that is slightly more grown up and reflects me more. This design will be created again with the help of my lovely Felicity who has helped me with my blog design since Youwishyou was just a newborn blog and I'm really excited to work with her again and produce another beautiful, but more relevant to me blog layout.

These are probably the first proper resolutions I've had in years and I'd love to see yours too! Whatever your resolutions may be, I hope 2015 is a fabulous and happy year for you all.



  1. Lovely post, I loved reading your Resolutions! I think your blog layout is stunning but I shall look forward to seeing what changes you are going to make! Good luck with the rest of your resolutions! I did a similar post, fingers crossed I can keep my resolutions too!
    Lots of love, meg xo

  2. I love your blog layout but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be just as great. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, as it gets to about February and I give up on them haha. x

    Maddie //

  3. Lovely post, good luck with your university goal! I'm keen to change my blog layout as well but at the moment I'm not quite sure what it is that is missing, I definitely want to start with getting my own domain name! x

  4. These are great resolutions and it's good to see fellow bloggers continuing to push themselves in 2015! One of my resolutions, like yours, is to start saving for somewhere to live and that will be such a huge achievement for this year if we complete it. Good luck with university and I'm sure you'll create a blog layout that's perfect for you :)

    Holly xx |

  5. Love these resolutions! So glad you've had a great 2014 and I hope 2015 is even better for you :) I look forward to reading your blog in the future! xx

  6. Happy New Year and good luck with your new blog design :)

  7. happy new year! great resolutions, and I can't wait to see how your blog layout is going to change!
    Modern Beauty Girl Other Modern Girl

  8. Wow, that is a lot of accomplishments in 2014. You should be mighty proud of yourself! I love how much you're always working on moving forward. Very smart! So many young girls struggle to have the outlook. Good for you! Good luck in 2015 having another fantastic year. Excited to see what new layout you come up with :)


  9. I am completely with you about blog design! I just changed mine a few days ago. I decided to choose something I know I would still love seeing 5 years from now, and I couldn't be happier :)

    Emily //

  10. Sounds like you've had a great year and you've got some really good goals lined up for 2015 (good luck with the second year of your degree eeep!) Isn't it funny how you sort of grow out of blog designs? I've just re-done mine and I feel so much fresher and like it's so much more relevant to where I want to go with the blog and where I am right now. Looking forward to seeing it :)


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