Friday, 27 February 2015

Haircare Essentials

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A few weeks ago I decided it was time to bite the bullet, suck up my fear of the hairdressers and go and get my hair cut. Although my hair was relatively healthy and growing fast, it hadn't been cut since 2013 and was very uneven and, of course, I had quite a few split ends. I know it seems silly to not like going to the hairdressers but I've only really had a few experiences where I've been happy with them, the rest of my hairdressing memories are pretty below average. Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and get my hair trimmed and layers evened out as I want it to keep growing but I wanted it to be neat and even. In the waiting area I was spinning scenarios in my head of the stylist not listening to me and just cutting inches and inches off my hair, but luckily my appointment went okay, the hairdresser did exactly what I wanted and I left with my hair actually looking lovely; I am happy. Pre-haircut I took care of my locks (doing masks frequently, not washing every single day, the basics!), but since getting my hair cut and it being the healthiest it's been in a while I've been taking extra care of it to maintain its current condition.

Something that I have always owned but admittedly been a bit lazy about in recent months is heat defense spray. I'd run out of my favourite one not too long ago and kept forgetting to repurchase it, but I popped into Superdrug after my haircut and got myself a brand new bottle. I usually would use the Tresemme one, but I instead went for the Superdrug own brand spray as they had a two for one offer on that line. Can't resist a deal can I?! I've been sure to use it after every wash to protect my hair from the heat of styling and keep it in that 'just cut' condition: shiny and free of split ends. I also wanted to quickly mention the other product I bought while taking advantage of Superdrug's two for one offer, which was their Root Boost volumising spray. I have super fine hair which often doesn't hold volume and will dry flat if I don't blow dry it. I've found that using this not only gives my hair instant volume after blowdrying, my also holds it throughout the day, so if you're a thin haired lady that struggles with getting and maintaining volume I'd recommend picking this up on your next trip to the highstreet!

An aspect of health and beauty that I've been quite into recently is supplements. Apart from multivitamins I've never really taken any supplements until quite recently, but now I take cod liver oil capsules, hair, skin & nail supplements and acne relief tablets daily. I've been disappointed by the acne relief tablets, but that's for another review! Tablets that I haven't been disappointed by are my hair, skin and nail supplements which again are Superdrug's own. Ignoring the skin and nail elements of the tablets for the moment, the effects that taking this has had on my hair is apparent, as I feel it's so much shiner, softer and easy to manage since taking these. The tablets contain selenium and zinc which helps your hair get and stay healthy, strong and shiny. It's only really been a few weeks since I got my hair cut, so I can't say much about if it's effected my hair growth but I do want to buy myself some Biotin to take as well as these supplements. Biotin helps promote fast growth and I think taking this alongside Biotin would help keep my hair healthy and manageable as well as longer.

My journey from damaged, bleached hair to the normal hair that I have today taught me that oil is my hair's best friend. The beauty industry love argan oil for haircare and for good reason; it is filled with antioxidants that help rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. Although I love the stuff my fine hair finds it a little bit hard to manage, I've struggled with using argan oil infused shampoos as it's left my roots greasy and heavy. Instead I opt for just using argan oil in my haircare routine after washing as a styling product. My product of choice is Mark Hill's Miracoilicious Lightweight Argan Oil, which can be used on dry or wet hair to tame frizz and nourish hair, but I personally use as a finishing product to add shine to the lengths of my hair and moisturise my ends. 

My second oil of choice, which I think is way too underrated in the beauty industry, is castor oil. Okay, I know I said that argan oil is heavy on my fine hair but holy crap, this is a heavy oil. I use this as a mask every week or so and the results are honestly amazing. The only downside to this oil is that it is really sticky and stubborn to get out of your hair, so don't use this if you have somewhere important to be that evening as it might take you a good few washes to get it completely out. But, even though I always struggle with getting this out of my hair after using it, it's so worth it. My hair always feels so luscious, soft and restored after a treatment with this so this is a must in my haircare routine. If you're looking for a super effective treatment for your hair I'd definitely recommend castor oil as it always makes noticeably difference to my hair. I've also read that it is fabulous for hair growth and although I don't know for certain as I never measured my hair, I know that before my haircut my hair grew the quickest it had in ages while I was using this as a mask fortnightly.

All these products have helped keep my hair healthy since my haircut, and honestly the healthiest it's ever been; I wouldn't dare not use any of them in my routine as I know they all contribute to keeping my hair in the condition its currently in. 



  1. Wow , just have my cair cut and need those products in my life! Great post :)

  2. Oooh I'll have to check these products out soon :) I'm glad you had a good experience at the hairdressers- they can be quite scary! x

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