Monday, 9 February 2015

The Perfect Fake Tan Routine

Summer is getting closer but it's still a long way until we'll be able to get our natural tans on. Fake tan is a great way to keep your skin bronzed throughout the year but faux tan mistakes can be easy to make and can ruin the natural, beautiful look of your glowing skin. Achieving the perfect fake tan has taken me a lot of trial and error but this routine for tanning has left me with a perfect, even, glowing tan every time. 


Personally, I like to do my fake tan after a shower in the evening but still with a few hours before bedtime to allow it time to fully dry. To ensure your tan is even, whilst in the shower use an exfoliating glove or body puff to exfoliate your body from head to toe, ridding it of dead skin and uneven texture. After you're out the shower and dried, grab your favourite moisturiser (mine is Vaseline's Coca Radiant Body Butter) and pop a bit on your ankles, knees and elbows. These are the areas of your body most prone to dryness and that tan is more likely to cling to so using moisturiser pre-tanning avoids you getting dark patches on these areas. If you have any other parts of your body that you know get particularly dry or where you find your tan always appears darker, treat them with a bit of moisturiser too to keep dark spots at bay.


When it comes to the type of tan you choose to use I find personal preference plays a big part. Play around with different forms of self tan to experiment with what works best for you and remember that not every type of tan will be great so don't write off fake tanning before trying all the methods! If you'd ask me to recommend any tan it would hands down have to be the St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse which I reviewed back in Spring 2014; a year later it's still my favourite fake tan. I definitely find mousse tans the best for achieving a completely even coverage but again that's just my opinion based on personal experience, you may find that another type gives you better results. On application of the tan of your choice you will need latex gloves and a tanning mitt (I always find a towel to stand on useful too as it minimizes mess). You may just think you need one or the other when applying your tan but please, please don't do that! Using a tanning mitt not only makes your tan easier to apply but also makes sure it is even on application so there are no streaks or patches on your body. In my opinion using a tanning mitt without latex gloves defeats the point of using a mitt as you'll just end up with hands darker than the rest of your body as tan seeps through your mitt and onto your hands. Both gloves and mitts are as cheap as chips so there's no excuse to not have either! 

When applying my tan I start at my feet and work upwards, but there's really no correct order in which to tan your body. I find working the tan onto my skin in circular motions helps distribute it evenly so I tend to do this all over my body, then afterwards applying a second layer if desired or just going back over any areas that look a tiny bit lighter than the rest of by body. After I'm happy with my all over tan I'll then take off my mitt and gloves and pump a small amount of tan onto my hands and rub it all over them like hand cream to make my hands the shame shade as my body.


After completely tanning your body you'll need to wait for it to dry. Depending on what tan you use some will dry quicker than others, so be sure to check the bottle of whatever one you're using. During the drying stage I usually just pop on some loose pyjamas or even just my dressing gown to ensure that it dries evenly and also so none of my clothes get tan transferred onto them.The next few showers after applying your tan, be sure not to use a light coloured towel as you may have excess tan come off your body. When you dry yourself after your showers too, be sure to pat rather than rub as that could ruin the texture of your tan. The best way to elongate your tan and keep you glowing and bronzed for longer is using moisturiser all over your body every day. A moisturised body is a happy body and it'll mean that you skin won't shed dead, dry skin as quickly and therefore won't shed your tan. 

This routine is the one I stick to achieve an even glowing tan all year around and I hope it's inspired you or taught you some tips to perfect your own tanning ritual.



  1. Great tips! I used to swear by the St Moriz Mousse when I was living in the UK. I stopped using it for a long time whilst I was living in the Middle East but I was always surprised at how natural a tan it gave for such a bargain price! xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  2. I always used to fake tan, but then I started to find the upkeep a chore, so stopped. You've definitely made me want to get my Xen Tan out and get my bronze on again though!


  3. I've never tired to take tan but if I do these would be lovely tips.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. Awesome tip! i'll pass this post down to a friend. she needs it more than i do

  5. I know it's bad but I never used to moisturise at all everrrrrrr D: ofc I do now xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. Great tips thanks for sharing x


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