Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Winter Essentials With Forever

It's the time of year where it gets dark in the afternoon, our lips are dry with cold and we can barely tear ourselves from our beds of a morning. In my honest opinion; winter sucks. I love Christmas, comfort food and cosy pyjamas but I'm definitely feeling tired of being cold, chapped and energetic. Over the past two weeks I've been testing and trying some beautiful products from Forever and I recently reflected and realized that they have quickly become some of my essentials during this harsh, cold season. 

One of the hardest parts of winter for me is definitely parting with my cosy warm bed of this morning. When you wake up and it's still dark, it's very easy to feel like you should still be sleeping and the cold certainly doesn't make me want to leap out from my duvet any quicker! I love nothing more than waking up already feeling awake but unfortunately at this time of year is rare to come across. Forever Bee Pollen Supplements are designed to give your energy levels a natural boost, and I found they did just that! In my first week of taking the Pollen Supplements on each morning I awoke my eyes didn't feel heavy but rather by mind felt very alert and ready for the day ahead. In the past week I've admittedly been a bit lazy about taking these, but I definitely have felt the difference. It's been a lot harder to drag myself up out of bed and there's no doubt in my mind that it is because I've skipped out on these. 

Aside from saving me from exhausting mornings, Forever has also been my go-to to pamper my chapped skin. I'm quite fortunate that I've not suffered from dry hands for probably the past two or three winters, but this winter my hands have been fair from smooth and hydrated. They've been super dry and one week they were even cracked and bleeding; unpleasant to say the least. When my hands where at their worst I turned to Forever Aloe Propolis Cream. The cream itself is dense, rich and packs an intense moisture punch which my hands have been so grateful for as it's completely restored my hands to their formal glory. I never thought I'd say this but move over Vaseline, this nourished my dry skin so quickly and efficiently it's been a dream. To put this into another context, this makes other hand creams look like makeup wipes and this is your much loved, deep cleanser that makes your skin feel brand new. The cream is quite thick in texture which does make this fairly difficult to spread around on your skin so I find this works best targeting specific dry areas than trying to use this as a whole body moisturiser. 

With dry hands at winter often comes dry lips which is a pain in the rear as I don't want to have to abandon my matte lipsticks! I fell in love with Forever's Jelly lip balm the day I started using it as it's turned my naturally dry lips into a pair of smackers that are actually quite a pleasure there's been not a crack in sight which is quite a change for me! My favourite dark lipsticks which I find the most drying are no longer banished to the back of my make-up drawer and have actually found themselves a new home in my handbag along with the Jelly lip balm for easy, quick, convenient access. 

Soothe your own winter woes and shop the range here!



  1. winter does suck after a while. reasons why i love spring and summer. great post hun

    1. So looking forward to it but these have been lifesavers! Xx

  2. Winter is still a safe distance from here but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Hopefully I can get my hands on these.



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