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Acne: The Triggers

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For just under a year now I've been struggling with acne. I've never had perfect skin really, but this past year I've had blemishes that are red, hard and pretty much haven't disappeared no matter what I've done. One of the most significant aspects to preventing acne is finding the trigger and root cause of it, and let me tell you, I've been desperate to find mine. For me it's been a trial and error process, I think I've narrowed it down to what it could be and hopefully a trip to the doctors this week will start an actual effective treatment, keep your fingers crossed for me! Obviously I'm no dermatologist but I've read that if you're struggling with acne, learning the different triggers of it can point you in the right direction to curing it once and for all.


Unhappy skin is unhealthy skin, and I've read on a number of dermatology blogs that stress can be a root cause of acne. Stress can cause inflammation and also oilier skin, which of course is the perfect recipe for acne. 


Dietitians claim that certain foods such as sugars, greasy foods (bye, bye Big Mac!) and even dairy can play havoc on your skin. Blemishes on your chin are particularly an indication that your skin isn't agreeing with your diet, so if that is your main problem area, consider fine tuning your diet for a few months to see if that helps.


Your skin could be very sensitive to bacteria, which in turn could cause acne from many aspects of your every day life. Your pillow cases, towels, make-up brushes and phone can all carry bacteria which could be the trigger for your skin worries. Luckily, it can be fairly easily tackled by changing/cleaning all these regularly, also avoid touching your face to prevent bacteria spreading.


In my opinion the cruelest trigger for acne as it's the hardest to control. Many women experience adult acne due to hormonal changes and of course this is a massive trigger for a lot of teenagers. This is a trigger you may need your doctors help to combat as you might need a change in contraceptive pill or some prescribed medication to get your skin back on the straight and narrow.

.Cheat Sheet: Face Mapping.

One of the most helpful resources I've found online for figuring out acne triggers are face maps. These handy things indicate what acne in different areas of your face mean in relation to the rest of your body, which can be super helpful for helping you work out what you need to be doing to cure your acne. Here is a great one to look at!

Suffering with acne can be horrible, whether you're fourteen or forty four, and I know that at times it can feel like it's never going to get better and it's hard to feel optimistic but from all the many blogs, articles, videos I've watched trying to help my skin they all remind you to stay positive and patient with your skin and your body; whether it's next week or next year, it will get better. You can find some of my favourite skincare posts here and here.

Remember that beauty isn't skin deep, it comes from within, but if you find your acne is affecting your confidence have a read of this post, giving advice on how to feel confident and happy in your own skin. 



  1. My main cause is definitely stress and lack of sleep after doing face mapping its so weird to see how accurate it is from the areas that are affected worse! Adult acne is such a terrible woe :( Hopefully its not forever xxx

    1. I find face mapping so interesting! Though it doesn't seem to add up for me as mine's on my cheeks and I don't have any issues with my lungs or smoke :( I know, don't worry though gal clearer times are ahead xxx

  2. I suffer from acne on the chin really badly. Going to the doctors about it tomorrow, so wish me luck! :)


    1. Good luck sweetie I hope it goes well :) I went to the Doctors today and have been given some antibiotics so hope your appointment is useful too! Xx

  3. This is such a good post for teenagers who are going through puberty and having to deal with acne. Very encouraging and special take on beauty and confidence. I love it.
    "Remember that beauty isn't skin deep, it comes from within" so well said. it is applicable to all girls who feel self conscious about different things, and its important to preach that beauty and image is important (there is no point in saying it isn't) but we have the power to control how we feel and confidence from within is the key the beauty on the outside :)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Very well said! It's so hard to not feel beautiful when you have something like acne, but it's really important to remember that your looks don't define you and that having imperfections doesn't make you any less of a beautiful person xx

  4. Diet and stress are my main issues right now this is so, so helpful! Although i really should be doing the work i am stressing about right now instead of browsing through blogs haha:)x

  5. I've been getting quite a bit on my chin lately, diet and stress definitely don't help me either. Such a confidence killer at times but I do try to not worry so much about it - the more I try to do to get rid of them, the worse it seems to get! Beauty is definitely not skin deep, lovely post xo

    Sharan |

  6. Great reference post for anyone suffering from acne! I have recently had more chin breakouts than I've ever had before. I have tried nearly everything to get rid of it but it just keeps coming back. I can't complain though, it is very mild compared to the acne of most others. I think stress is my main issue.. Anyway, thank you for writing this up!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. I struggle with blemishes more so recently. I stopped drinking milk for a while and that helped on my cheeks but I think the rest may be hormonal. Really informative post!


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