Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites

February Beauty Favourites topshop lipstick boardroom forever aloe lip balm sigma beauty E40 review

There's something really satisfying about being able to have a title in alliteration, which I know is totally nerdy of me but I don't care! I half wish all the months began with the letter F just so all my monthly favourites would have an alliterated title. A girl can only dream, right? Aside from my completely irrational and weird satisfaction from the title (I hope other writing enthusiasts can reassure me that I'm not the only person), I've actually not had that many favourites this month. To be honest, it's been a month where I've felt a bit shitty about myself and I've barely been excited by make-up strangely enough. 

-Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush-

I know I just said that make-up hasn't been getting me excited this month but this little beauty tool did actually make me excited and happy in February. I wrote about this gorgeous eye brush in this post, and my feelings towards it have not changed at all. This has definitely been a game changer for me in terms of eye make-up as it makes creating eye looks so much easier, specifically achieving a smokey eye, I don't really know how I managed without this! 

-Topshop Boardroom Lipstick-

As spring is drawer closer I've urged myself to step away from the deep, dark lipsticks. Dark lipsticks are definitely more my forte over light ones, and this gorgeous Topshop one is a perfect nude for me during this transitional period as its brown toned with a slight darkness, but is not a winter dark in the slightest. I will probably do a full review of this soon with swatches, but this has been my go-to lip colour lately and I've a few items in my wardrobe that I'm saving for spring that I know will go fabulously with this lipstick.

-Castor Oil-

As mentioned in my post a few days ago, castor oil has made masses of change to my hair over the past six months and I'm in love with the stuff. I used it last weekend and had such a hard time getting it out my hair it made me never want to use it again, but as soon as it was all out and I felt how soft and shiny my hair looked and felt for the next week, the agg became worth it...I suppose that's what giving birth is like. I've tried a lot of hair treatments in my time and not one has left my hair as nourished as castor oil; a definite must have with people battling brittle, damaged hair.

-Forever Aloe Lip Balm-

I branded this gorgeous little lip balm as one of my winter essentials and it's still high on that pedestal. Infused with jojoba oil, this always makes my lips soft and prepped for lipstick, even matte ones. My lips are quite naturally dry so matte lipsticks are sometimes an issue for me but this lip balm is the perfect prime for all lipsticks, so no disgusting flaky lipstick from me! 

And that's it! I said there wasn't very many and there wasn't; short and sweet. Although I've been a bit down in the dumps these products have been a welcomed pick me up and help me feel fabulous on those days that I've felt less than so.

What have your February favourites been? Link your posts in a comment below!



  1. That Topshop lipstick looks stunning. Lovely post, some great recommendations x

  2. Lovely faves and that's such a pretty lipstick shade.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  3. I really need that castor oil... And what a pretty lipstick! :)


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  5. Loving the sound of the Castor Oil, will definitely have to try it. I've used Coconut Oil before and the results were pretty good, so I'll have to see which I prefer! x

  6. Definitely going to try castor oil, I'm currently using a mix of coconut and argan, depending on my mood, so another alternative would be nice. The topshop lipstick looks lovely, though I'm always a little wary of clothing stores doing makeup!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  7. Oooh I love Sigma brushes. Great post!

    Linda - Boston Beauty Buzz


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