Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meet My Advertiser!

As you guys know I have recently started offering sidebar advertising on my blog, to give my fellow bloggers the chance to use Youwishyou as a platform to promote and gain exposure for their own blogs. I'm super happy to introduce Fran of Bed Time Bath Time who is my newest advertiser! If this is the first time you're hearing of Bed Time Bath Time, be sure to check out her beautiful blog and here is a little more about what to expect on there...

Attention all bloggers! There's a new blog on the block! May I introduce to you BTBT, better known as Bath Time Bed Time - A blog dedicated to preparing for your evenings. 
At you'll read about everything from scented candles and face masks to advice on how to become a Morning person. Now who doesn't like all of these things? 
 Posts are published every Monday, Thursday and Sunday for your regular night time beauty fix :) you can contact this Blogger on:
 Twitter | @frannamik
 Instagram | @frannamik

Enjoy ;)

I hope you all take the time to support Fran, and if you wish to advertise your own blog on Youwishyou send me an email on so we can get that set up!


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