Friday 20 March 2015

Spring Lipsticks: My Top Picks

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The other day I dug out a pink lipstick for the first time in what felt like an absolute age, making me even more aware that spring has finally sprung. I am full on embracing lighter shades in my wardrobe and make-up in wake of the new season; nudes, browns and pinks are my new go-tos and it's been so nice to have the chance to use some of the lipsticks again that were long forgotten during the winter.

I've literally had to dust the cobwebs off one of my summer lip staples, Lustering by MAC, as I rescued it from the back on my makeup drawer not too long ago. I'm loving a more minimalist style at the moment so I don't know if I can see myself wearing any shocking pinks during spring, which is why this is the perfect subtle pink shade for incorporating my favourite colour into my makeup without being too brash. Lustering is a gorgeous semi-sheer, slightly coral pink hue which I find matches beautifully with my skin tone, especially when it's a bit more on the tanned side. In the swatch above the shade looks a lot more sheer than it does when actually applied, and I absolutely love it's creamy, soft texture on application which is perfect for my dry lips . As it is quite a sheer shade I find it doesn't have the best long-wear, but I'm not fussed about touching up here and there throughout the day, I definitely value the great, comfortable texture it provides over long wear.

beauty, lipstick, makeup, cosmetics, youwishyou, review, MAC, Topshop, Urban Decay, spring, Rimmel London, 2015, Lustering, Heather Shimmer, Boardroom, Naked 2,

Something that would suit both the warmer toned as well as the lighter toned ladies is one of my newest lipsticks Naked 2 by Urban Decay. When I first swatched this back in December when I received it (a gift from mummy) I absolutely fell in love with the pink toned nude shade and literally couldn't wait to start wearing it. Back in those winter months I actually found this a little bit too light but now we're bursting into spring I find myself reaching for this more often than not. I'm a little bit too in love with the packaging for this lipstick and the whole sleek appearance of it in general, and luckily the product within the packaging doesn't let it down. I will hold my hands up and say that I find application a bit difficult and tend to pat this on rather than smear as if I haven't exfoliated my lips prior as it clings to my dry bits, but Naked 2 is actually the only pink toned nude that I've really ever loved and because of that and the gorgeously pigmented colour all is forgiven.

My all time favourite nude lipstick which I will love forever and always, in winter and in spring, is Rimmel London's Heather Shimmer. This is a stunning brown toned nude which is the nude for my skin colour but is also  a perfect shade for anyone during spring months. The Heather Shimmer I have is part of Rimmel London's Moisture Renew range but it is also available in their normal collection if you don't feel like you need the added moisture. I wholeheartedly recommend the Moisture Renew collection if you have drier lips, as the lipsticks provide both amazing colour and moisturisation. For those of you that are unsure what nude is the nude for you, I find this a great neutral 'your lips but better' shade. Natural make-up is one of the pleasures of the warmer season and this will continue to be a go-to when I want a natural but enhanced beauty make-up look.

Now we're in spring I am taking a step back from my dark purples and deep reds, but I am still a strong supporter of browns. I'm a massive fan of Topshop's lipsticks, I find they are amazing quality for fabulous value and the stunning brown shade Boardroom is my most recent pick from their lipstick line. I find brown an amazing colour for the seasons like spring when my clothes have a lot more colour in them but I still want a bold lip. I ain't going to be wearing a red lipstick with a pastel pink top, so brown is the perfect stand-in for those 'typical' bold lip colours while my wardrobe isn't only black, white and grey. This is a stunning matte brown which gives my lips that extra bit of standout without drawing too much attention too them; slyly eye catching.



  1. These all look lovely and I've been loving some lighter spring shades lately too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Urban decay naked 2 is gorgeous, I keep wearing bright pinks lately actually and want to get some corals I definitely need to move away from my browns so much although I wore a bright red the other day after weeks of nude and was like this is so nice hahah xxxx

  3. Love that Topshop lipstick! I bought my first one a little while ago and loved the quality and the pride of it! Great picks :) xx


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