Thursday 16 April 2015

Lush's Mask Of Magnaminity

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This review has been a long time coming. I have raved about this product endlessly on social media, I seriously don't know how I haven't written this sooner. As you will all probably know (as I never bloody shut up about it), I suffer/used to suffer from acne. It was only recently that my skin started to clear up so it's by no means perfect yet and is still scarred from my spots but for the first time in what feels like forever I'm suffering noticeably less from serve blemishes and frequent breakouts. One of the factors that I believe has had a huge impact on the condition of my skin has been this little beauty from Lush; Mask Of Magnanimity

Before buying this I was basically at the end of my tether when it came to my skin. It was like my eighteen year old self was taken back in time to my blemish filled early teen years and nothing was changing it, no matter how kind I was to my skin; nothing could budge my blemishes. Although I approached every new treatment with zero hope and filled with skepticism, I was up for giving anything a try; something had to make some sort of improvement to my skin! I'd read a few really good reviews of this product from some of my favourite bloggers, so with a half doubtful, half hopeful mind and the help of Google Maps (always getting lost in Brighton lanes) I popped into my local Lush store to purchase it for myself.

When it comes to my skin and skincare, I am very patient. I've never really expected anything to have an overnight remedy effect on my complexion, and this mask certainly didn't cure my acne overnight but it made a difference within a week of starting to use it. I bought myself the non- self preserving version of Mask Of Magnanimity as I knew that I would use it before the expiration date, and I'd also read that the self-preserving version is a little less oil absorbing so I decided to go for the original version. As it's the original version I keep it in the fridge, which I personally love as when I apply it to my skin it is cool and tingly; the sensation matches the peppermint smell of the mask. The peppermint scent is gorgeous and really pleasant; it makes the time the mask is on feel super pampering and refreshing. I definitely was a selling factor for me as I was torn between this and another mask of their's but apparently that one stinks of garlic. It's not hard to figure out which I'd prefer to try first. Peppermint > garlic, sorry not sorry. 

beauty, mask, skin, skincare, acne, spots, blemishes, face, Lush, mask of magnanimity, youwishyou, 2015, bad skin, review

After ten minutes of peppermint bliss, I gently wash this mask off with a flannel. After every use my spots look fairly less red which, you know, is all well and good but I'm not interested in 'instant' results if they don't make any difference in the long run. In the early days of me using this I took this on board but didn't really care about it as I didn't know if the mask would have any impact on the bigger picture of my skin issues; which was helping get rid my spots completely.  Fortunately for me; it did have an impact. After a few weeks of using Mask Of Magnanimity twice a week, my stubborn blemishes that hadn't budged in nearly a year disappeared. They were gone. They're still gone! Between then and now I've still had new spots appear on my face but I've found this mask amazing for keeping them under control and giving my blemishes a helping hand in fucking off promptly - excuse my French I'm just so passionate and excited at these changes.

Using Mask Of Magnanimity has definitely been a big turning point for me and my bad skin. I want to highlight that my skin still isn't great, you wouldn't catch me dead wearing a BB cream instead of a foundation as I still need my medium to high coverage, but the difference between my skin from pre-Mask Of Magnanimity to post-Mask Of Magnanimity is undeniably good. Fingers crossed the only way is up and continued use of this mask will keep improving my skin; and I literally can't recommend this product enough for anyone that does suffer from blemishes, or anyone that just wants to give their skin a little TLC.

I do want to say that even if you've tried this mask and it hasn't done anything for your skin, don't give up. I know it can be a massive confidence killer and it's super disheartening when a product that works for other people has no effect on you (trust me, I know), but what your skin needs is out there and don't ever give up on finding it. That doesn't necessarily mean buy every product under the sun, but think about the different trigger possibilities which could be anything from your skincare choices to your eating habits. Be patient, you'll find the remedy for you.



  1. Ah I haven't heard of this Lush mask! I am not really a lush person but I should check it out because I love pepperminty tingly beauty products. That's AWESOME that it really is helping out your skin! / Creative blog for the future obsessed.

  2. This sounds brilliant! I've tried the garlic-smelling one and it does stink! I like the fact that this is not just for your face. I bet this smells lovely; I love minty products, but don't actually have many. Thanks for sharing. xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

  3. I love this face mask, it smells divine too!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

  4. I know exactly what mask you're talking about, lol. It's catastrophe cosmetic. They didn't warn me about the smell so the first time I used it I was like what the hell is this?! It actually ended up being an okay mask, but I couldn't get past the smell.

    I've used Mask of Magnanimity too, and I think it's a good. I call it my 'up all night' or my 'hungover corrector' mask because that's when I tend to use it lol.


  5. This mask is like my holy grail haha, I've always had these weird allergic-like reactions to packet face masks and this is the only one (thus far) that has actually made a significant difference to my skin! It's crazy how you can see a difference straight away isn't it? Beautiful product!
    Zelda /// OhZelda xxx

  6. It's great when you find something that works for your skin! My favourite mask is the Una Brennan clay one but I just tried Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic and I like that too. I'd probably enjoy using this one as well, I love the smell of peppermint! xx


  7. I haven't tried many Lush masks but I do like the feel of them on your skin after leaving them in the fridge - so cooling on troubled skin. I haven't heard of this mask before but it sounds like it has done great things for you :o) it's great when you find a product that works!

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati


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