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Slimming Solutions 14 Day Teatox

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If there's anything I'm always up for trying it's products related to weight loss, health and fitness. As I've got older I find myself growing more and more interested in fitness and of course aware about looking after my health, so as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to try Slimming Solutions' Teatox* and they kindly provided me with a 14 day supply of their Teatox. I'm not new to the world of teatoxing so I felt pretty clued up with what to expect from this one and was really excited to try it as I'd got on so well with other brands of teatox in the past, I was looking forward to seeing how Slimming Solutions' treated my body.

Like most other teatox, there is a morning blend which you take every day in the morning and an evening blend which you take every other evening. The instructions on the packets of both tell you to leave the teabags in hot water and let them brew for 2-3 minutes. It specifies hot water, not boiling which I found a bit strange but I've actually grown to prefer it as it means I can drink the tea straight away rather than having to wait for it to cool down. During the 14 days of using these teas I found that if I didn't push the teabag against the side of the cup with a spoon the tea didn't seem to infuse very well; as in the water barley turned a different colour. Maybe it's meant to be that way, I'm not sure, but it's easily solved with just a little bit of pressure with a teaspoon! 

Sometimes teatoxes can be a bit on the foul tasting side, there's no denying that, but Slimming Solutions' teas are hands down the best when it comes to taste. There's no overpowering, sharp herbal taste to them at all, they have actually quite a similar, mild taste to green tea which I personally really like. I wouldn't go as far to say they were tasteless, but there is certainly no overbearing taste to them which makes them pleasant and easy to drink. The evening blend does have a very, very slight taste of senna (laxatives, to put it bluntly), but it's not a bad thing at all, it actually tastes quite nice to me, but it's so slight it's easy to ignore. 

While I'm on the topic of laxatives, the evening blend does warn that it might have a laxative effect for the first few days of the teatox. The first teatox I ever did (read my review here) I pooped a lot, sorry again for being so blunt. The second one, I barely did at all and with the Slimming Solutions' teatox I had the same; hardly any poop. This is good if like me you have a lot of early starts so spending your morning on the toilet when you could be getting ready is never ideal, but at the same time (oh gosh, sorry this is going to sound so gross) I do feel somewhat cleansed and detoxified if I do have those laxative effects. Saying that, despite the fact I've not had those effects I've still felt very detoxified and cleansed, and I think that's definitely a good sign that I feel this way even though I haven't had laxative effects. 

lifestyle, beauty, health, teatox, slimming solutions, review, diet, weight loss, fitness, youwishyou, 2015, how to,

I absolutely love all the detoxifying effects this teatox has had on me; I've had a significant boost in my energy levels and has definitely been the biggest change in energy I've got from doing a teatox. After taking my tea in the morning I feel perky, clear headed and ready for the day ahead. I also have found myself feeling and looking less bloated, and in general healthier than prior to starting the teatox. Obviously I did still feel bloated after having a big dinner once or twice while I was taking the teatox, but aside from that I didn't have any days were I felt especially chubby for once, you know what I'm talking about, when you have those 'fat days'. If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, you are a lucky one.

Although it is a Slimming Solutions product, the teatox doesn't claim to actually aid weight loss at all, its purpose is purely meant to be for detoxing. With other teatoxes I've done in the past which do promise weight loss results I have been disappointed as I've only found myself losing a few pounds whilst on them and eating healthily. I've had the same results while taking this teatox (only a few pounds lost), which is expected as I've not been on a strict diet for the whole two weeks, but I do think this teatox is good as it doesn't promise weight loss like others I've tried. I'd rather no promise at all than one that it doesn't live up to!

The Slimming Solutions teatox has definitely been a great way to get my body feeling happier and healthier; I feel clear minded and not bloated in the slightest during the whole period of taking these which has been great. Although it doesn't promise to aid weight loss like others on the market I found personally it had exactly the same effect on my weight as those ones that do claim to help it, which in my eyes makes it better as I've found it lives up to exactly what it says to do on the tin.



  1. I've seen quite a lot of people talking and posting about Teatox so I'm glad to see an alternative mentioned here from Slimming Solutions. The foul taste you mentioned has put me off but I suppose if they work they're worth it! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie | UK Lifestyle Blog xx

  2. I did this too and now I just want to keep on doing them haha especially after my 3 person meal tonight! water and green tea all the way xx

  3. I've tried other tea boxes before ,but have hated the taste, but this one sounds like it may be okay! x


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