Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Father's Day Post: Love is Thicker Than Blood

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Father's Day was not always something I celebrated. In the first few years of my life I didn't have a father to think about on this day - not that it mattered to me. When I was a toddler my mum and a man met then later married when I was four, which then gave a purpose to Father's Day and something to celebrate. Fifteen years on and they're now divorced, but those years of marriage wasn't just about their love, it was also allowing our relationship as father and daughter to grow strong and despite the fact they've not been married for a long time and we haven't lived together for a long time, that man is still my dad as even though we aren't connected biologically.

Whatever family member, your love is built on your experiences, memories and connection and although I was not his, my dad chose to give me all of these things as if I was his own. I stole their first dance on their wedding day and I took his surname. He let me paint his nails as a kid and I cried to him about boys as a teenager. He's looked after me when I've been sick and helped me move into my own flat, we joke and say that I have his blue eyes. I would not be the person I am without him and every day I am grateful for the unconditional love he continues to show me. 

I wish everyone an amazing Father's Day today. Whether you're celebrating it with your dad, grandparents, step-dad, sibling or any family member, remember that blood is what makes you family but it's love that keeps you bonded strong.

Happy Father's Day!


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  1. What s beautiful post. It really is about who raises you, not who donates their genes. Sounds like you have a lovely relationship. Xx

    Sarah |


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