Wednesday, 10 June 2015

May Favourites

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Okay, so here goes my first post! Can we spell excited?
My May beauty faves was a tad tricky topic to write about for me considering that makeup really isn't my forte… I’m not the type to put much on my face at all, but interestingly enough this month I did decide to go out there and get myself a makeup treat or two!
   I swear by this product! Especially now that the heat is coming in! Where I’m from in Gibraltar its a little too hot to be smearing foundation on your face this time of year so I personally find that a good tinted moisturiser does the trick!  The Chanel Hydramax+ Active Teinte is an easy to apply, light weight product which blends in beautifully to the colour of your skin. Once it’s applied you can barely feel it, and it gives the face a radiant glow; not only that but it smells absolutely brilliant, very clean and fresh! This product costs about £40, but it’s worth the money! However if you're looking for a cheaper alternative the Nivea tinted moisturiser is pretty good too (and the price keeps you happy) at around £5-£8!
 Who doesn’t love a tanned look? That golden glow that makes everything feel that much better! Well Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer allows you to achieve this look and has other major pros too! For example, the fact that the bronzer is waterproof helps so much; you wont have to worry about rain washing streams of au natural skin down your face or the sea/pool wiping it all away. Not only is it waterproof but it has SPF too, meaning you can look like a golden goddess whilst protecting yourself from the damaging rays of the sun!  This product is great for every day wear and works pretty well in the night too; its not too heavy on your skin and has no shimmer giving you a natural look. However I’ve learned from experience that one dab of the brush too much and you will have a major unnatural contoured look going on!
Nothing says summer is upon us like a bright/pastel nail look, and Sweet Lilac by Chanel is perhaps the perfect selection. It’s cute and has the ability to make you feel pretty, and of course labelled by the fashion house Chanel it makes you feel pretty damn classy too! It’s almost if you can imagine this nail colour partnered with a classic Chanel tweed ootd!  However the colour isn't very dark so layering is a must for the full effect... but it’s okay because they layering is worth it for the final look!
Now I’m not one for a colourful liner but black does get old from time to time, and so in a wild moment I purchased a gold eye liner whilst in one of my shopping fav’s H&M. Not going to lie I did stare at it in contemplation for a while after buying it, but I was surprised to find that I actually liked the way it looked! In my experience I have found that eye liners with a bit of shimmer or a pop of colour do well for brown eyes like mine; and what better way than to enhance them then with a glam gold! What I really enjoy about the product is that the colour comes out strong and lasts for a long time, so it proves perfect for a mixed up day look or for partying all night. If you’re feeling really adventurous try your standard black cat eye, outlined in gold, its quite a retro look and adds glamour to a same-old-same-old cat eye!
I finally talked myself into buying a naked palette and if I’m completely honest I don’t know how happy I am about it yet… Yes the colours are stunning, and the packaging does wonders too , but I find that the pigment of the colours is inconsistent with some being strongly pigmented and others hard to notice. I know that it is a much raved about product but personally I don’t believe mine will be running out any time soon. However, I chose to include this in my May Beauty Faves because it definitely does well for summer; the colours are light and shimmery, and look absolutely gorge with a tan. They also stay on for ages which again does really well in the summer, with the heat and the long days! Perfect for a cute cocktail night, and the shimmer will leave you feeling like a princess; however not perfect for the price (in my opinion anyway, don’t shoot me!)


  1. I used to use the Rimmel bronzer daily when I was younger. I agree, the Naked 2 has colours that are and then aren't pigmented, but I love it for the Summer x

    1. That bronzer is an old favourite of mine too! Xx

  2. That Gold eyeliner from H&M sounds pretty cool! I love to wear colours as eyeliner have to check this one out! I don't have any Naked palette and I was thinking about getting the 2nd one as well but if it doesn't have consistency on the shadows I won't risk it! Thanks for the warning :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

    1. The first Naked Palette is gorgeous if that's helpful at all! Xx

  3. The Rimmel bronzer looks great, I've never tried it before...
    Urban Decay Naked 2 is always a good idea though ;)

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  4. Great post, really enjoyed reading :)

    The bronzer sounds great!! I definitely need to check that out as mine has pretty much run out! Also I'm glad you said about tea Naked Palette, as gorgeous as the colours are, I want to trust in something I'm buying that it will actually show up on my eyes so I'm glad I haven't wasted my money :)

    Tania <3 //

  5. The Rimmel bronzer is perfect for summer x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  6. Really love your May Favourites! I use that Rimmel bronzer and absolutely love it! I want the Naked 2 palette!

    Courtney |


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