Sunday, 14 June 2015

Resparking Productivity

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If like me you've just finished your academic year you may be wanting to do nothing more than absolutely nothing. After a whole year of studying, attending class and doing assignments the final burst of pressure during deadline season can really exhaust you of any productivity after it's all over and done with. I know the feeling, after you've stressed so much when it's finished you just want to vegetate and after a while you can't seem to shift out of that mood. Although we're all entitled to a little bit of relaxation (obviously!), when you're finally ready to get back into the swing of doing something productive and emerge yourself into a project or hobby that isn't just watching Netflix all day you might find that it's a bit harder than you think to get back into that productive mindset. Here are some of my favourite techniques for when I'm eager to reignite my productivity after a rest period!

-Set (Realistic) Goals-

I love whipping up a quick to-do list of daily, weekly or fortnightly goals. Whilst setting goals helps you keep you organised, I find it is also helpful for keeping you motivated and excited to complete your goals as you have a physical reminder of what there is to get done. Identifying your goals is one thing, but when you're only starting to get the ball of productivity rolling it's important not to overwhelm yourself. Never, ever underestimate yourself and always aim high, but pair larger goals with 'stepping stone' tasks on how to get there and complete them as a means to getting closer to achieving your ultimate goal.

-Rekindle Your Passion-

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder but with projects and hobbies if you're away with them for a while you may start to feel yourself falling out of love with them. As your passion grows so will your desire to be productive so reignite your love for whatever it is you're doing. Get inspired; have a look at what your role model in this field is doing, take a look back at your old achievements and make an effort to emerge yourself in activities in general that make you tick. 

-Recognise The Rewards-

When you get out of the swing of things for a while, it's sometimes easy to forget why you started and stuck with them them in the first place. Look back on all the things your productivity has earned you in the past; whether that be learning a new skill, creating something unique or even making a little bit of money. If you find yourself struggling to think of any rewards then give yourself some every time you reach a milestone!

-Don't Let It Turn Into A Chore-

This is definitely easier said than done as sometimes a hobby can turn into a chore even without you realising it. If you feel yourself slipping into a mindset where you just can't be bothered and aren't enjoy it as much, then stop. A hobby is meant to be fun, something to look forward to working towards and if it no longer is enjoyable then there becomes little point. Stopping doesn't mean forever; you may find that some time away gets you craving that feeling of productivity once again in no time at all, but I think it's important that something that you see as a hobby isn't forced and putting unnecessary pressure on you; where's the fun in that?!

-Ease Yourself Back-

Although it might be frustrating, it's useful to understand that you may not be able to pick up your hobby where you left off. For me, going from blogging almost every day to then twice a week while I had deadline season at university was near unbearable, I couldn't wait to be posting more regularly again. However, now I'm done with uni I've definitely not been able to go straight back to posting as much as I was. You get out of the habit a bit and while that isn't a majorly negative thing, it is frustrating as you feel like you've regressed. My main advice would be to not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to progress at a reasonable rate without putting too much pressure on yourself.



  1. I'm forever writing to-do lists! It helps me get inspired and is something for me to look to when I get stuck :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. I had to really regain my productivity recently and I'm so happy that I did. I took a little break, got refocused and it really was the best thing :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  3. I love this post!! So informative, hope all is well with you gorgeous

    X Emma |


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