Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Skincare 101: What's Your Skin Type?

I know I throw around a lot of skincare jargon like "sebum", "parabens" and all sorts of nonescese about being "all natural". Today we're going back to basics and talking about what is a necessity to a strong foundation of skincare knowledge, which is of course essential for knowing how to take the best care of your own skin.

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-The Skin Types Explained-


Well, well, well aren't you a lucky one. There's nothing much I can really say when it comes to normal skin as there is no consistent issue attached to it! You may have spells of dry skin or breakouts, but on the most part your skin is pretty calm and easy to manage. Even if you are blessed enough to have this skin type, it does still need taking care of so don't be trying to get away with falling asleep with your makeup on and don't forget to add an anti-aging product to your regime when you approach your 20s to maintain your flawless complexion.


 For someone who doesn't have combination skin, it can be a little difficult to comprehend how skin can be both oily and dry. But, if you find you have a very oily t-zone while other areas of your face are extremely dry you can pin it down to having combination skin. It can be difficult to treat skin that has two contrasting issues, but there are a lot of products on the market to help balance it out just look out for items specifically created for combination skin.


 If too much moisture is just never enough, it's more than likely that you have dry skin. Having dry skin can be very troublesome as it tends to effect the application and finish of your make-up; you may experience flakiness that your make-up clings to rather than covers which can make dry skin hard to ignore. Opt for a heavy duty moisturiser both day and night as well as using a facial oil in the evenings when your skin loses most of its moisture. Also don't forget to treat yourself to a moisture mask weekly to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated! 

.Oily Skin.

 The opposite of dry skin; you will be wanting to get rid of the moisture rather than retain it. Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum which gives the appearance of shine. A good finishing powder and blotting papers are a must for anyone who has oily skin as you'll want to touch up your t-zone throughout the day. There are products out there than can help your skin balance and regulate the sebum production, so don't fear if you feel like your oil levels are out of control!

.Blemish Prone.

 Blemish prone skin is typically very similar to oily skin but tends to require a little more TLC as you will find you have blemish covered skin more often than less. This is my skin type so I can totally sympathize with how awful it can feel but you shouldn't just accept the fact that you have blemish prone skin; there is always a way to combat your spots you might just have to be patient on the road to finding it. If you've got constant breakouts and are unsure why, read this post to learn some of the triggers of acne.



  1. I have combo skin so it’s really important keeping my skins PH in line! I try not to introduce too many new products at once and always look for oil free products and treat myself to indulgent hydrating masks to combat dry patches.


  2. I have dry skin which is such a pain! I'm forever looking for super hydrating products!

    Rachel Coco


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