Friday, 12 June 2015

Style VS Health: Some Interesting Fashion Findings

Many of us go through a time in our lives where we feel that fashion is definitely our priority over comfort; I know I have! Although it's easy to dismiss potential impacts of certain style choices on our health, I recently found myself exploring some of the more extreme outcomes of clothing impacting our health and thought it would be fun to share my findings with you in this post. While it's true that we can be stylish and look after our health at the same time some of these interesting points might make you want to choose one over the other!

-Low-Rise Jeans-

Don’t you just love it when you successfully fit yourself in a pair of tight low-raise jeans? It's no lie that it feels good to know you look good in skinny jeans. However, there is such a thing (believe it or not) as 'tight pants syndrome' which can be caused as a result of wearing tight jeans! This can causes numbness in the outer thigh region, so be sure your jeans are well fitting to avoid discomfort and potential pain.


Like many I'm currently counting down the days until I'm going on holiday; it's just over a month until I'll be spending my days on the beach in a bikini! However, according to some of my internet searches, sitting around in damp swimwear can sometimes cause itching and irritation. I try to shower and change out of wet clothes as soon as possible, but you can also opt for drying out your swimwear in the sun, which is a great excuse to top up your tan a little while longer!


There are a number of benefits of shapewear; can I get a hallelujah for spanx?! Shapewear is a life saver for a lot of us that want to feel our best and most confident in whatever we are wearing without our insecurities in the back of our minds. However, with some more extreme examples of shapewear (waist trainers I'm looking at you!) the tightness and restriction can become an issue. Some shapewear has been said to even lead to health issues such as yeast infections, organ damage, nerve damage and blood clots! Although a lot of these findings are quite fun and lighthearted, this is one that I personally am super nervous about! 

-Flip Flops-

For the summertime, this is a must, right? I am one of those people that everyone hates, as soon as the sun comes out I think it's acceptable go shopping wearing flip flops. I can't help it! I think they look cute, show of my pedi and are super comfortable. My mum is a podiatrist though and she will often tell me how flip flops do not provide proper foot support. This is an issue that can sometimes lead to breaks, falls and sprains as their flat soles do not provide any shock-absorbing qualities. If you're looking for comfortable alternatives, I'd suggest looking on websites like Sears who also have some deals on footwear on at the moment! For even more savings look online for vouchers that can be paired with existing store deals or on the Sears Deals Center, coupons for popular online stores like Sears are freely available at this site!

-High Heels-

I am so conflicted when it comes to wearing heels! I will often take a pair of flats out in my clutch bag because it either gets to a point in the night where you've had the perfect amount of cocktails for numbing the pain, or when you just can't bear it any more and need to crack out the flats! Most of us can relate, I'm sure! The science behind pain while wearing high heels is because the shape of them puts all your body weight on your forefoot. This forces your body to make negative adjustments to maintain your balance that can cause issues like incorrect posture, toe deformities and skin irritations. I hope that one day my feet get used to heels or there is some sort of technology invented that means high heels could be worn all day every day!

This post is definitely not intended to suggest you should throw away all your skinny jeans and high heels, but to share some interesting findings connecting the worlds of fashion and health with you all! 



  1. I share the same views when it comes to heels. I think they look great, especially on a night out but I can't deal with the pain. I too hope they find a technology to combat this. Oh and the risks that come with waist trainers are scary! I knew they were too good to be true xx

    1. I know, wish my heels didn't hurt as much! :( :( xx


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