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Three Weeks Til Takeoff: Coutdown Checklist

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It feels like it's taken forever to come around but you're finally only a month away from your holiday! The last three weeks of counting down can suddenly become the most stressful as there is a lot that needs to be prepared before you're definitely ready to jet off. Here's our guide to make sure you're ready and relaxed in time for your long awaited, much needed holiday.

-Three Weeks Before-

Your holiday still feels a lifetime away and you may feel like you have lots of time, but trust me, it will fly. Get these out the way three weeks before departure to make sure you aren't worrying about them in the days before leaving.

-Make Sure Your Passport is in Date-

This should have really been done when you booked your trip, but three weeks before takeoff is probably your last chance to remedy the issue if your passport has expired! British passports can take up to three weeks to get back to you so check your passport expiry dates sooner rather than later!

-Submit Passport Information-

This is super easy to do but also super important as you can't fly until this is done! Your airline need all your passport information and you can go online and submit it all in next to no time. Some airlines set a deadline for this to be done by the week before departure so get it done three weeks before you go just so it's out the way. 

-Find a Pet-Sitter-

If you have pets or plants that will need taking care of, or just want someone to keep an eye of the security of your house while you're away be sure to arrange  it this far in advance. You don't want to throw it on someone at the last minute, so now is the perfect time to ask and discuss all the arrangements with them.

-Organize Your Transport to the Airport-

How are you getting to the airport? Do you need to ask your parents for a lift or book a parking space if you're going to be leaving your car there? If you want to get a train, make sure there is no planned disruptions or if you're getting a cab get it booked.

-And Your Transfer From The Airport to Your Hotel-

Once you get to your destination airport you don't want to be a sitting duck; you want to get to your hotel and let the holiday begin! Book your transfer in advance or find out if there are regular shuttles connecting the airport to the area around your hotel. Whether you book in advance or not, just have an idea of where you'll need to go once you arrive so you can crack on with your holiday.

-Buy Travel Insurance & Apply For a EHIC-

Wherever you're going make sure you buy travel insurance, just to be on the safe side. It normally only cost around £10-£20 and in the event of an emergency could save you thousands. Even a small injury could be up to £100 so don't take the risk and remember to get yourself insurance. If you're travelling in Europe you'll also need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card. Like passports, they take some time to arrive so give yourself enough time to get one if you need it.

-Two Weeks Before-

It's almost crunch time! At this point you will be so ready for a break you're considering quitting your job and staying abroad forever. Your desire to relax is bordering on desperate now but don't let this distract you from getting all those essential pre-holiday tasks done.

-Get Your Money Changed-

I never find this a chore as I always like having a little chat with the travel agent lady! Ask around and find out the best exchange rates in your town; banks, post offices and travel agents will all do exchanges so compare all the prices before sticking with one.

-Stock Up on Travel Toiletries-

You might have some suncream left over from your last break which you shouldn't let go to waste but do be sure to check the expiration dates before packing them again! Any toiletries you don't have pick up on your next trip into town and be sure to get them in travel sizes to not waste your weight allowance.

-Make a Packing List With Weight Allowances in Mind-

Some might consider this anal but I always make a list of what to pack super far in advance so if I need anything I can go out and buy without it being a completely mad rush in the last week. Also I find this helps prevent over packing as you can see on paper realistically what you need rather than just throwing things in the case which will ruin you in terms of your weight allowance.

-The Week Before-

You can basically hear the ocean and taste the cocktails; it's so close! Although there's little time left there is still some bits to do before you can finally kick back and relax. 

-You Have Your List, Now Get Packing!-

The fun (not) part! Remember to stick to your list so packing is as easy as it can be. I always try to do this in the earlier part of the week so it's all done and dusted and you don't have to think about it again.

-Print Off All Confirmation Emails-

From your hotel to your transfer, print off all the confirmation emails you recieved in regards to your trip. It will seem like a lot and you might not end up needing them but it is good to have them just in case. Once you're abroad it'll be very difficult to get access to them so save yourself any hassle later in your trip and get them all printed before hand; just in case.

-Check In Online-

Check in online to avoid massive queues at the airport! Saying that, chances are you'll still have to queue for the baggage drop but it's not nearly as bad so save yourself time and hassle and check in online. It's super quick to do and you'll be grateful for it once you're at the airport.

-Book Your Flight Seats-

Most airlines have the option to book your seats so if you're travelling with companions you can try and get close together. You can usually find the option to do this when you check in online so keep an eye out when you're getting that sorted to do this too!

-Get Your Mani/Pedi-

What feels better than fresh nails? Fresh nails for holiday! After all the other stressful things you would have been doing leading up to your holiday, you deserve to do something nice for yourself that isn't stressful! 

This checklist is definitely hefty but don't forget these essentials when you're approaching your holiday. Enjoy your vacay! 


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  1. This such a helpful post, I don't have holidays planned for this year but this has made me really excited about going away.
    Zeynab x
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