Sunday, 12 July 2015

Advice For Our Younger Selves

Words by Catherine Delves, Orla McMullan, Penny Davis & Harriet Rose Watson

It's Catherine's twentieth birthday today and in celebration to her kissing goodbye to her teenage years we are reflecting on the wisdom we have gained with each year added to our age. Here are the top 14 pieces of advice we would give our younger selves.

1. Stick up for yourself and don't beat around the bush. If you want something, ask!

2. Look after your body. If you can avoid those bad eating habits will unfortunately catching up on you, you will be so grateful of it later in life.

3. Do everything! Bear in mind that when you’re older you are more likely to regret the things you didn’t do than the things you did.

4. Relax, don't try to grow up too fast. You'll have plenty of time to be an adult when you get there.

5. Don't worry about what other people think about you. Your best friends and family love you to the edge of the universe and back!

6. Your parents aren't punishing you because they're cruel, they are doing it because they love you.

7. However much you want to try cutting your own hair don’t! Also never let your friends cut your hair! One of us experienced the joy of a lop-sided full fringe for a good six weeks after letting friends cut their hair, it wasn’t fun!

8. Thinking back on all those fashion mistakes make us cringe even now. Wearing black and pink striped jeans to the year 7 disco was really not the best look. Think before going out in public. Maybe that’s part of being 12 or 13 though - to be a total embarrassment to your future self especially in pictures.

9. Don’t stop liking someone because your friends don’t think they’re cute.
Everyone has different taste, so just because your friend doesn’t think your crush is cute, doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed to say that you do. Own it.

10.Always do what you want to do. There’s no need to panic or be forced into something you don’t want to do because as long as you're happy and doing what you want, it’s ok. This can apply to anything.

11. Do not wear makeup or straighten your hair just because everyone else is doing it! You have no spots and your hair is fine!!

12. School sucks but there is no avoiding it. Keep your chin up and try and make school as much of a positive experience as you can.

13. Think long and hard before bleaching your hair and definitely don't do it yourself! Bleaching your hair too often or without the proper care will result in years of trying to reverse the damage you've done.

14. Last but no means means least; be yourself, have fun and don't worry so much! You've only got one time to be young with little or no responsibilities, so take full advantage of it and don't take for granted the time you have.

We hope you enjoyed our wisdom and be sure to have some cake with us in spirit!



  1. such an inspiring post! xx


  2. I love these kind of posts, although I feel I should still tell myself these things now.

    Beka. xo


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