Thursday, 16 July 2015

How To Make A New House Feel Like Home

Words By Catherine Delves
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Moving house can be an amazing, daunting and exciting time, especially moving out for the first time. Whether you move into an unfurnished or furnished property, it can take a while for it to not feel surreal and alien to you and actually start feeling like your home. Fully furnishing and decorating a house from scratch can be difficult, especially if you're on a tight budget, but there are a number of small touches you can make and things you can tweak that can slowly but surely make you feel more at home in your new house.

-Personal Pictures-

In a new house you want to inject some of yourself into it and make it somewhat a reflection of your personality, life and taste. Having personal pictures of your friends, family and memories around the house will make you feel more connected and familiar with a new place. So, pick up some bargain pictures frames from Poundland or Argos and spend an hour digging out some old, cherished memories to put up around the house.


Who doesn't love a good scented candle? And for good reason. Candles aren't only amazing because they exude warmth and cosiness, but also because they can fill your home with your favourite fragrance if you choose to get scented ones. Candles are night make a location feel a lot more intimate and safe, perfect for a romantic night in with your partner or if you live alone and want an extra sense of security and serenity. 

-Have a Housewarming!-

Housewarmings are a great way to connect your new house with old friends and make you and them get used to it together in a relaxed environment. A housewarming doesn't have to mean a wild party (unless you want it to!), just a small get together with some close friends would suffice to make you feel more at home in your new house. Having your entourage around will help you remember you've got a lot of support behind you during this exciting but nerve-wracking process. 

-Organised Storage-

Having all your things strewn around, stuffed into cupboards, piled up on the floor will never be comfortable. Take the time to give everything a proper home and you'll give your new place a breath of life as it'll look like it's ready to be lived in. Start as you mean to go on so don't put off unpacking your belongings; get them cleaned up pronto!

-Decorate the Walls-

Bare walls can make even the most full houses feel empty. Likewise, decoration on the walls can make empty houses feel like they have character. There are hundreds of creative ways you can spruce up your walls from canvas paintings to vintage bits and bobs; have a browse of second hand shops, websites like Etsy and around your town to find something suitable for your home's walls.

-Get Plants-

There's no better way to make your house look picturesque than plants. Experiment with different types of plants in different styles of vases in each room and don't worry if fresh flowers is too much maintenance for you to keep up with, you can buy some amazing artificial ones that look almost identical.  

-Meet Your Neighbors-

If knocking on the door and introducing yourself isn't your style, just be sure to give them a friendly smile and greet them when you pass by. Getting on with your neighbors isn't the be all or end all when it comes to living somewhere, but it definitely helps not to be treading on eggshells with them as chances are they'll be more difficult to avoid than you think. 

-Get to Know the Area-

If you've moved away from your hometown, everything is going to be pretty new to you. A big part of feeling at home in your house is feeling familiar with the area, so take the time to explore your surroundings and discover what your new town has to offer. 



  1. Love this!! We've just bought our first house, so hopefully some of these tips can come in handy when we finally move in.
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Sam xx


  2. this such a sweet post and definitely relevant even though I'm only moving into a house that's student accommodation xx


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