Monday, 27 July 2015

Interview Wear

If you have an upcoming interview and, like me, you have to deal with those terrifying feelings of “what am I going to wear?” and  “will I make a good impression?” Well here’s some quick advice so you can easily get that smart look for your interview.

Firstly make sure you’re memorable…in a good way that is! What ever job you are applying for they will be interviewing so many people they may not remember you by name but if they remember “that girl in the red jacket” or “that girl with the pink scarf” then you're on to a winner. The simple black skirt and suit jacket will be so over done by everyone there, you want to be “that girl in the red jacket” so I suggest something like this “Cropped Crepe Jacket” from Topshop. It's currently on sale half price at £20 and perfectly smart but shows a lovely stylish edge. Or if pink is not your colour and is just a bit too much of a statement then maybe try the “Premium suit blazer” from ASOS.

This jacket is smart and lightweight which is perfect for those summer interviews and the price is £50. Something like this would be the perfect addition to an interview outfit if you wish to stand out.

You may think that all trouser suits are unflattering, unless you’re a 6 foot something model type, well I disagree! The right kind of trousers can make an Interview outfit stunning and here are two options:

Firstly, the “Black smart slim trousers” for £38, which are lovely and smart without looking too over done, and the best part about these is, you don’t have to be 6 foot to wear them. Secondly these “Black tapered pull on trousers” also £38, which are just as smart as the slim trousers but are much better if you don’t particularly like the slim cut look. Both these pairs of trousers are from River Island and would look lovely with either of the two jacket options above.

Now don’t fret if you are not a trouser person because you can never go wrong with a skirt as long as it’s classy and appropriate for an Interview situation.

This is the “Classic pencil skirt” from Forever 21 for only £12 and would look great with those jackets as well. So it’s easy enough to create the perfect interview look for a good price and you don’t have to give in to the all black.

A little tip I learnt when being taught interview techniques at school is if you want to make an impression and therefore want a splash of colour or a stylish item, ensure its on your top half. You don’t want the interviewers to be constantly staring at your bright red trousers because they will never remember your face. If you have a nice pink jacket or something similar they’ll be able to take in your face and your response to questions, whilst noticing your stylish feature at the same time.

And lastly, if you don’t want to go for a coloured feature to stand out, something simple is still an option. Debenhams do a lovely selection of brooches including this “Jon Richard Blue crystal set gold floral brooch” for £12 (pictured below). Something like this can still make you just as memorable without having to break the bank.

So make sure you stand out from the crowd and create a good impression. I hope this has helped you plan for that scary interview. Good luck!

Harriet Rose Watson


  1. This made me think of confessions of a shopaholic 'The Girl In The Green Scarf!' (Best film ever btw). I always tend to wear a coloured blazer, it just breaks it up a bit and makes me feel a bit more comfortable :) xx

    Abi |

  2. This is a great post. Hope you scored your interview.. I have been thinking of adding some cigarette legged trousers to my office wardrobe.


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