Thursday, 2 July 2015

June Favourites

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We've waving goodbye to a gorgeously sunny June and saying hello to hopefully what will be a lovely, summery July! This month I've been loving floral scents, fluttery lashes and an immense amount of highlighting for radiant summer skin; here are the top products that have made June extra beautiful.

Summer perfumes are definitely my favourite; I adore light, floral scents a lot more over musky, rich ones. As much as I love my perfumes, they can be a bit of a nuisance to carry around all day which is why I've been obsessing over my Ted Baker Lyla Purse Spray, which is a gorgeous fragrance in a perfect size. This Ted Baker perfume is the perfect fragrance for summer as it is complied of
  fruity top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and peach with soft floral extracts of jasmine and rose and an enticing base of amber, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It's this Summer's ultimate clutch bag essential.

In the last month my MAC lipstick collection has boosted significantly, there have been so many I've given into temptation to, all of which I love but recently Taupe has won a well deserving place in my handbag almost 24/7. It's a gorgeous brown toned, matte nude and I've been loving it recently with either natural eyes for a minimalist look for work or pairing it with glam eyes; glam eyes and a luscious pout are a match made in heaven.

june, favourites, beauty, monthly, best products, MAC, strobe cream, MAC Taupe swatch, review, Topshop, Eyes of Steel, Ted Baker Lyla, L'oreal mascara review, youwishyou,

I've spent June completely acrylic free (sob!) and although part of me despises my natural nails, I have enjoyed falling back in love with my nail varnish collection. Going to the salon all the time meant I almost never used my own colours as I chose from their selection, but this month I've had no choice but to dig out my own nail varnish. One of my favourites recently has been this gorgeous metallic purple shade by Topshop, which is a stunningly smoldering evening shade. Unfortunately it has been discontinued now which makes me appreciate it even more but I'm trying to be thoughtful while using it so I don't run out! I definitely prefer something a little more light during the day, but of a night time I've loved splashing this on to add a bit of seduction to my otherwise ugly stumpy nails! 

Although it was a long time ago that I bought MAC's Strobe Cream, after the first few weeks of using it, it became somewhat forgotten about. Recently I picked it up whilst doing my makeup and since that day have been wearing it almost endlessly! Although this cream has a million and one uses (moisturizer and illuminating primer are some of my faves), I've been using it as a highlighter and it seriously creates an amazingly on point glow. I tap a small amount across my cheekbones for instant radiance. I find it helps highlight the structure of my face in a way that is glamorous whilst still being natural.

So I've fallen in la la love with fake eyelashes again recently and pretty much all things eye makeup related and who can blame me as the eyes are the window to the soul, after all. Although my love for false lashes has been rekindled there are times when I literally don't have the energy or time for such things (for example, getting ready for a 7am start at work). L'Oreal's False Lash Architecht Mascara is amazing for getting volumous, dark lashes without false ones and although I will say it does transfer a bit throughout the day, I am quick to forgive as the dramatic look is gives my lashes is so beautiful.

What have your beauty favourites been in June? 



  1. I’ve not heard much about MAC Taupe, but it’s really pretty. I really fancy picking up a new lipstick.

  2. I really think I need to try MAC Strobe Cream, sounds amazing!

    Claire | | xx

  3. Taupe looks lovely, and I lovelovelove MAC's Strobe Cream! x

    TR's Thoughts

  4. I was going to pick up MAC Strobe Cream the other day, but didn't - I really wish I did now x


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