Thursday, 23 July 2015

Oils & Their Beauty Benefits

Words by Catherine Delves
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We know what you're thinking. You're reeling at the thought of anything oil related having beauty benefits. We spend our lives trying to combat oily skin and greasy hair, so how can any sort of oil be good news? This is the same thought that goes through all our heads when first faced with the idea of using oils in our beauty routines, but with further investigation many women around the world have discovered that oils are in fact the key to solving their beauty woes.

-Tea Tree Oil-

One of the natural oils you'll be most familiar with if you've ever bought a product for fighting blemishes and for good reason! Although this is found in many drugstore products for troublesome skin, purchasing it alone will ensure there are no other chemicals or ingredients going onto your skin; only the good stuff. Tea tree oil has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, making it a remedy for a multitude of different issues. Skin tags, acne, dandruff and fungal nail infections are just a few things that can be treated with the use of tea tree oil. 

-Pumpkin Seed Oil-

Pumpkin Seed oil is absolutely jam packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants which, in our opinion, makes it one of the most underrated natural oils to date; there are so many benefits in this gorgeous oil but it's been kept under wraps! Look for pumpkin seed oil if you're after the ultimate youthful glow as it contains vitamins A and E which can help combat signs of ageing by restoring elasticity to skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it also promotes cell turnover which will keep your skin at its most radiant and healthy. If that wasn't enough, pumpkin seed oil is full of zinc which helps calm acne. What more could you ask for?

-Rosehip Oil-

One of the first oils ever tried and tested by Youwishyou and one we still use to date. Fabulous for every skin type; rosehip oil will restore moisture to dehydrated skin, but can also help fade acne scars. A dream in a bottle for those with combination skin who struggle to find a product that won't fix one issues while aggravating the other. Rosehip oil is also a splendid remedy for stretch marks and fading fine line and wrinkles but even if you're lucky enough not to have any of those pesky problems yet, it's still great to use to help keep your skin youthful.

-Peppermint Oil-

We love peppermint tea as a summertime hot drink to help keep hunger pangs at bay and also for a natural energy boost. It's not only beneficial in the kitchen, peppermint oil is also a great product to have in your skincare collection. A few drops of this lovely oil can help treat greasy skin and also soothe irritated and sensitive skin. Suffering from a cold? Peppermint oil in your skincare routine will not only leave your face smelling minty and fresh but it will also clear your sinuses and help calm a headache. 

-Jojoba Oil-

Create a natural oil hair growth cocktail with jojoba oil, coconut oil and castor oil for shiny, manageable, less greasy and faster growing hair. As well as being an oil that'll make your hair happy, jojoba oil can also help balance oily skin by regulating the productive of sebum. As jojoba oil is of similar make up to sebum, using this in your skincare routine tricks the body into producing less and therefore reduces breakouts. As well as minimizing breakouts this little beauty is also an antiseptic and will help acne heal and also fade scars quickly.



  1. Peppermint oil? Definitely trying that!!x

  2. Great post, I swear by peppermint oil! :)

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  3. I usually use tea tree oil and love it. Rosehip oil sounds amazing too! xx Sophie/

  4. Thanks for the info!!! I'll definitely will be stocking up on some Jojoba oil


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