Saturday, 22 August 2015

20 Things That Go Through Girls' Minds On A Daily Basis

Girls, there are struggles we go through every day that no boy could ever understand. Not being able to explain to our boyfriends just how exciting it is to see new season stock for the first time? Normal. Scrolling through Instagram and wishing we looked like at least five different people? We've all been there. The feeling of devastation when you reach into your handbag for a hairbrush and've left it at home? It's a heartbreaking moment for us all. Here are 20 things that plague our minds day in, day out. Trust me ladies, I can empathize with all of these.

1. Where are all my bobby pins?

2. Do I have time to attempt winged eyeliner this morning? (Hell no).

No one is going to be seeing my legs so no shaving for me!

4. Next trip to the gym I'm doing it, I'm going to be brave and go to the big weight section. *totally wimps out on arrival*

5. I can't wait for dinner.

6. No needless spending this week! Wait, what? Urban Decay just released a new palette?! I need it.

7. I'll just pop it to the shopping center on my way home. Only to look though. 

8. That girl's hair/clothes/makeup looks amazing.

9. I don't need to worry about my weight- I'm feeling confident with my body! *eats ten tonne of junk* I'm so disgusting!

10. Do I wear my comfortable shoes or sexy ones?

11. My GOD I need to wash my makeup brushes. 

12. Dang, those are some sexy eyebrows.

13. Oh god, it's been half a second since I posted that hilarious picture to Instagram and it has no likes. Oh wait, there we go- phew.

14. Have I got something in my teeth? Oh god. I probably look completely idiotic.

15. My dressing gown literally feels like heaven. How can anything be so comfy?! I'm never taking it off. 

16. I had a cheat day yesterday but if I'm really good for two weeks straight, it's okay for today to be a cheat day too, right?

17. I swear I looked flawless when I left the house, why have I arrived looking like a hot mess?

18. I can't really be bothered to do lots of makeup today, I'll just do minimal makeup. *Gets super enthusiastic and carried away and ends up doing a full face of makeup even though you're just going to the corner shop*

19. My food looks so good I should defo take a picture. Actually, I can't wait, I want to eat it now!

20. I love my bed.



  1. Ahah can relate to so many.. Loved this! Xxx

  2. Haha do you live in my brain?

    Claire | | xx

  3. Can definitely relate to these! Especially 10 and 11. Oh and 5... and 20. 20 is my favourite.

    Fii | little miss fii

  4. This is soooo true! Number 16 is me word for word! Those two good weeks haven't come yet. Haha!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

  5. Also "Where did I put my phone...?" is something that I ask myself multiple times a day. But yes, this entire list. At least once a day.

    xo Jenn
    Hello Wench

  6. OMG true true usually the whole I'm gonna go for the natural look and end up out like a MESS cos of all the layers I've got carried away applying haha, and my dressing gown man I could just sit in that all day today now xxx


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