Saturday, 29 August 2015

August Favourites

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At the start of my monthly favourites posts I'm always moaning about how gutted and shocked I am that the month gone has just ended. This time around I'm actually really excited for September and to be honest, I just want to start my last year of uni. I'm so, so scared because I didn't really enjoy last year and I really don't think I'll enjoy this year either but I am so excited to graduate and just be finished with education. Seriously, I'm sick to my core of education. Anyway, on a more positive note I've been loving so, so many beauty items this month, I've actually had a lot of fun falling back in love with a lot of items in my kit and trying some new bits and pieces too. Although I've been doing all of this, it was quite easy to chose the items that stood out for me the most as they have seriously made me happy (yes, beauty products make me happy) in August.

I'm full on loving off Morphe brushes. In the UK these aren't easy to get hold of, they aren't available in our stores or a lot of our typical online beauty retailers which is such a pain because I literally adore them. Their prices are super affordable and around the same price range as Real Techniques; their eye brushes are actually generally cheaper and their other brushes are around the same price as the Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection. I adore this brush for contouring my facial bone structure as I find it's the perfect size for creating a smooth, natural contour and the perfect shape to buff out the line so it blends with the rest of my makeup well. Before I started using this I was using two different brushes to apply to contour and blend it, so this is a great product for doing that in some simple step.

I've been a big fan of NYX's lip liners for a long time now and Coffee was the last one I bought. When I purchased it, it remained untouched for a while but since using it I've found that it is such a perfect match with many of my favourite lipsticks such as MAC's Taupe and Spirit- it's especially perfect with Spirit, when I first used them together I was blown away! I don't have a bad work to say about these lip liners, they are so perfect in every aspect from application to texture to longwear. NYX got this one spot on. 

A weird one, I know. Let me explain. I hate cleaning my makeup brushes as much as the next person and I always used to create my own makeup brush cleaner using a recipe I found on Pinterest, which I've always found okay, nothing to complain about, but just fine. However, it took me a long time and a lot of effort to clean my brushes, especially ones like foundation brushes where the liquid product gets right up in there, I was always scared that even after cleaning them they weren't as clean as they could be and residue would be left behind because it had such a hard time cleaning them. I got to the point where I had to try another method because it just wasn't cutting it so decided to try baby shampoo. I know you're probably thinking "girl, just buy a proper brush cleaner," but I am not about to spend £10 on something that just goes down the sink if I can find a good cheaper alternative. You wouldn't buy £10 washing up liquid would you? Luckily, baby shampoo has been a dream come true for brush cleaning. It washes away the makeup left on my brushes effortlessly, and I've been getting my cleaning done so much quicker, easier and more effectively- which is the most important part!

beauty, makeup, monthly, favourites August, Morphe E8, Stargazer Glitter Copper, Johnsons Baby Shampoo, NYX, lip liner, coffee, dupe, MAC, review, DIY makeup brush cleaner,

I wish all my makeup could be glitter. You'll see in my post yesterday I filmed a makeup look for Youtube using this a-ma-zing glitter and I just wish I could wear that makeup every day. I'm not even kidding. Browns, golds, coppers are all some of my favourite colours for makeup, they make me feel like I'm channeling my inner Shakira and this copper glitter makes me feel like I'm channeling my inner Beyonce with my inner Shakira. Shayonce. Beykira. Whatever I'm channeling it's fabulous. I just love this product for being so pretty and so much fun! Although it is quite messy to apply, it's not a problem because it's super inexpensive and you can be so flexible with it when incorporating it into makeup; you could just have a dusting of glitter or pack it on for full on glitz glam.

I'd love to know what your August beauty favourites have been, leave me them in the comments!



  1. I really need to pick up an NYX liner everyone seems to hype about them, and I am all about shampoo for cleaning brushes it's like the only thing that works! xxx


  2. that glitter is such a gorgeous shade, and I'm heading straight to the NYX website to pick up a few liners!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

  3. I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes as well; works like a treat xo

    Emily |


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