Sunday, 23 August 2015

Autumn Home Essentials

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We've recently renewed our tenancy agreement for the second year and it's honestly hard to believe we've lived in our flat for a whole year. I'm not going to lie to you guys, it looks exactly the same as when we first moved in last year! That's a bit of an over exaggeration as our bedroom is now decked out with a desk and looks a bit more homey, but the front room is basically almost the same. I think because we have a flatmate (who is quite frankly a bull in a china shop) I don't want to put money into making it look nice and how I want it when it's not really just mine and James'. Plus I ain't having red wine spilled over a the white coffee table I want to buy. So I won't be getting a white coffee table (sob!) while we still live with out flatmate but I do want to spruce the flat up a wee bit now Autumn is coming around and if I had the ultimate freedom to put whatever I wanted in there without the worry of unavoidable clumsiness this would be my Autumn homewear hit list.


Who likes a cold floor on their toes when it's freezing cold outside? Anyone? Didn't think so. I always suffer from cold feet in the Winter and Autumn and a rug is the perfect accessory for your home to help maintain your comfort while also making your house look more stylish and pulled together. I absolutely adore geometric rugs recently, they are so gorgeous and I've spied some lovely ones recently on eBay which aren't too dear. Pair a chic rug with a totally lush pair of slippers for ultimate Autumn comfort and the perfect 'from where I stand' picture set up.

-Fall Coloured Cushions-

I'm talking about those gorgeous burnt oranges, berry shades and browns that we can't wait to see again at the end of the year. I'm so excited to crack out the Winter colours in every aspect of my life (MAC Diva I'm looking at you) and Fall coloured cushions is a super easy, budget friendly way to add an Autumnal touch to your house without breaking the bank.


When it's colder I literally wish every day I could come home and get straight into my dressing gown. Sometimes I do. But if you're not that much of a slob and don't fancy getting into your onesie the second you walk through the door then throws are a great way to lounge in comfort. In addition, adding a throw to your decor is basically creating that 'Winter layered look' that we all know and love Autumn fashion for, but for your home!

-Autumnal Yankee Candles-

Colder months aren't complete without candles. Candles add instant warmth (atmospherically, not really temperature wise!) to a room and these months are definitely the best time to stock up on all those gorgeous, nostalgic scented candles. Last Christmas I bought my mum a 'Christmas Eve' Yankee Candle and I even had a Yankee Candle air freshener in my car and having these scents around you really adds to the magic of this time of year, especially around Christmas! All those things we love about the colder months can be translated into a scented candle and I definitely will be getting some around my house as soon as.

-Animal Decor-

I don't know why but during the colder months I associate it a lot more with homly, cutesy animals such as squirrels, foxes and obviously reindeer. You won't walk through a homeware section in a store at this time of year without seeing at least one reindeer. I love cute little animal ornaments to put around the house and at this time of year they seem especially suited for the home.

-Lamps and Lighting-

It gets darker a lot lighter in these months and I personally hate the dark. Really, I hate it. It makes me feel like I should be getting into bed and I can't help but just feel unproductive when it gets dark at like stupid o'clock in the afternoon. I literally just want to curl up in my duvet and sleep. Keeping my home bright in Autumn and Winter evenings is definitely, definitely an essential and luckily you can get some gorgeous lamps and lighting whether you're looking on the high street or online.



  1. i LOVE autumn for home decor, everything can just be extra cosy and i always picture homeware i want to buy in front of a roaring fire and rain on a window! also, throws are such an easy way of adding some style to a room x

  2. well this just made me so excited for autumn. There is nothing better than being all cosy and warm inside.

  3. ahhhh I love autumn!! Lovely post.
    Josie xo

  4. Rugs and comfy cushions are a definite must for me! There's nothing like feeling cosy and warm inside when it's rubbish weather outside :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  5. I really want to give my room a re-vamp for A/W I hear H&M are great for affordable homewear :)

    Are Fashion Bloggers Ethical?

  6. Rugs and lots of cushions / throws are essential! I've just got a gorgeous faux fur one from ikea for my new home...I'm in love! Xx Sophie /

  7. I love this post. Autumny candles are a must <3


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