Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Getting Into A Healthy Mindset

When it comes to my health, I approach it in a very black and white manner. This can be either a really good thing because I'm either psychotic healthy or a complete lazy pig, which is obviously not great. Before I went to Croatia I was on a major health kick, I ate so well, was exercising regularly and as a result I lost six pounds in two weeks and felt physically stronger and fitter. The days before we went to Croatia it was mine and James' birthdays so since then and for the whole of my holiday I ate what I wanted (of course) and a lot of it. It's been a month since we came back and my eating habits haven't recovered and I've not stepped foot in the gym. The time has come that I'm missing looking after myself and feeling good about my health and body but although I feel like in the last few days I'm back into health mode, it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. Obviously I'm not a fitness guru (far from it), but I wanted to share what I've learnt from my experiences, as that may help you gain control of the struggle to get back into a healthy mindset; here is what I've learnt helps me get in the zone.

-Share Your Goals-

Let your friends and family know your fitness and health goals. I know this is kind of embarrassing to do, like I always feel embarrassed which is so silly because it's nothing to be embarrassed about, but I guarantee you'll find that they'll be someone who opens up to you about sharing a similar goal and you will motivate each other. Not only that but if you speak openly about these goals it makes them more real and less like just ideas floating around in your mind; it'll make you see them as set in stone and turn those dreams into plans. 

-Forget The Crash Diets-

It has taken me so long to accept that these things just don't work. That's not entirely true because they do work (I don't have cupboards full of Slimfast for nothing) but they are not the solution to an unfit lifestyle. If I wanted to lose a bit of weight before an event I'd maybe go onto Slimfast for a few weeks but if your goal is not just to lose weight quickly and to be a fitter, healthier person in general then you need to focus on making permanent changes to your lifestyle. I would read advice like this in the past and find it so hard to swallow because I found it easy to stick to things like Slimfast but as soon as I went back to my normal eating habits it would all just be for nothing. Before you start your fitness journey it's important to understand that there isn't a quick fix for becoming fit and healthy, once you do you'll find you'll be a lot more patient and tolerant of your progress however quick or slow it is. But do remember whatever pace it is at, you will improve and develop.

-Find Your Fitspo-

Whether it's the thought of having the body you always dreamed of, having more confidence, improving your general health or all of the above, identify what it is that really gets you craving a healthier lifestyle. Thinking about your goals and envisioning yourself as that person will motivate you massively to make a huge change. What I'm basically saying is that is healthy to spend hours on Pinterest pinning those pictures of physique we wish we had.

-Create a Food Plan That is Tailored to Your Lifestyle-

When I try and find and follow nutrition plans off the internet I always find them difficult to stick to because they just aren't compatible with my lifestyle. I'm a student so we do our food shopping on a budget and a lot of these guides require expensive ingredients and were filled with recipes that I didn't have the time or patience to learn how to make- I never stuck to any of them. If you find one of these guides that you love and works for you then I think that's amazing; if something isn't broken don't fix it so definitely keep using it! But, if you've had similar experiences as me what I've found the best thing to do is instead of trying to follow guides word to word, I've used them as inspiration to create my own food plan that is more suited to my lifestyle. For example, I'd decide on a daily calorie limit (the NHS recommend 1,400 calories for women looking to lose 1-2 pounds a week), use a breakfast and lunch idea from a guide and then formulate dinner ideas that work with the calorie limit and that I'm more likely to have ingredients for. Once I create a plan like this that I know I will stick to it makes me a lot more motivated than just starting attempting to eat healthily with no plan on how to do it.

-Weigh Yourself Weekly-

When I am in pig mode and know I've been eating like a horse, I will avoid my scales like the plague. Like seriously, the thought of stepping on them makes me cringe. Taking that first step and forcing yourself to stare at that number on the scales is so scary but it is what will drive you to change. Being reminded of what it is you aren't happy with will motivate yourself to stick to your goals and get onto the road to a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend only weighing yourself once a week (the same day each week would be best) that is a suitable amount of time to be losing weight- jumping onto the scales every other day in hopes you've shed some weight will leave you disappointed and damage your motivational streak. And no, this is nothing to get stressed out about. Don't worry that you aren't at the place you want to be with your health right now because the most important thing is that you're doing something to get where you want to be. Feel positive that you're on your journey, don't get stuck dwelling on square one.

The main sort of themes around all these points is to make yourself realize that those goals you think about, they can be reality you just need to approach them in a way that fits your lifestyle and that you know you will stick to. Once you're in that motivated mindset, be patient with yourself but also disciplined; nothing worth having will come easy but the only thing ever getting in your way is you, and when you are in the zone and you know what you want and how to get it, nothing can stop you (I'm blatantly in the zone because I'm currently cringing at how Mr Motivator that was).



  1. I completely hear you on the pinning fitspo! This is when I am at my most motivated. It's about thinking ''I want that so I'm gonna get that'' attitude and mentality isn't it? I'm currently working out twice to three times a week and walking to work, I've made small changes to my diet. I'm hoping that by doing a lot of exercise I am actually giving my body some self love too! Great tips!
    Bee xxx

  2. This is great blog post! I think sharing your achievements with your friends is important. They offer such a good source of motivation!
    Charlotte xx - Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  3. Love this, It's really helpful and a positive way to get healthy. I've been trying myself and I always find sharing my goals help because it's others around you encouraging. The food plan is a great idea! I''m going to give that a go because I dont think I'm leading a great diet xx

  4. I agree with this! I struggle with healthy snacking, I just can't find a snack I can stick with! I do think telling others does help though x

  5. I'm bad at sharing my goals, but I really think it could help. Like telling my mom so she doesn't feed me cake every day...x

  6. This post was really good and honest. I am experiencing some of the same things as you in that I have not been able to motivate myself to go to the gym lately. I get really disappointed with myself when I don't, to the point of crying, and that is not healthy either. I need to learn how to take each day as it is. I also can't really afford expensive ingredients so it would be great if you could share some of your meals.

  7. These are some great tips! I've recently been trying out having a healthy lifestyle aswell! Crash dieting never works, I realised this aswell :)

    Heather Xx


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