Friday, 21 August 2015

Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial

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So, this has been a long time coming. I actually had this video filmed and half edited a long time ago but my laptop had a complete freakout and every time I tried to edit my video, pictures or watch a video on Youtube would turn itself off. It would even turn itself off when I tried to play Sims 2, I'll tell you now that caused I lot of issues for me. You can imagine my disappointment of not being able to upload my first video after spending all day on it and I had to order a new computer. Even though I bought a faster delivery it feels like it's taken forever for it to arrive, plus we had a complete mare with the courier but it's finally here and I'm finally on Youtube!

The reasons behind making a Youtube are that even though this blog will 100% always be my baby because I definitely feel writing is the medium I feel most at ease with and I especially love writing about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I've felt like there are some styles of things that I want to share with you guys that I think are a lot easier to share via video rather than through words. I've become a lot more active on Instagram lately sharing my makeup looks and I decided that Youtube would be the best way to go to do that in more detail.

So, yes here is my first Youtube video showing how I create a full glam makeup look with a halo eye effect and I'd love for all your support; a subscription would be so, so appreciated- it would mean the world! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos coming soon!

Ps. I also wanted to say a massive thank you for all your comments/tweets/messages in response to my 'When It's Okay To Quit Your Job' post. When I was going through the hard decision myself I definitely felt somewhat like I had to keep to it myself and almost ashamed; I had no idea that so many people have experienced a similar thing. I've loved hearing all your personal stories and it's really made me realize that in so many aspects of life you don't have to feel stupid or ashamed of yourself because more people than you think have gone through exactly the same thing. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and loved all your responses. 


  1. you makeup is flawwwless. Definitely going to be trying to replicate this look myself. Love your blog.

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