Sunday, 9 August 2015

Kiko Eyeshadow Haul

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I took to Instagram (follow me!) the other day to show off the newest additions to my eyeshadow collection that I nabbed in Kiko's sale. I bought myself seven gorgeous shades for only £17, now who can't be happy with that?! Their Infinity Eyeshadow range is being discontinued so all of those shadows are really cheap at the moment- you can buy some of them online for less than a pound but unfortunately on the Kiko website you have to make a minimum order of £25, which I personally think is ridiculous, but luckily there is a Kiko store in town so I can just pop into there and spend as little or as much as I want without feeling pressure! I purchased three Infinity Shadows, two of their standard Eyeshadows and two more of their Colour Sphere shadows, all of which I actually love. Of course some more than others but who doesn't have favourites in their makeup collection? If you're telling me you don't have favourites, you're lying. 

I just wanted to quickly mention as a side note that on the packaging none of these shadows have names, which is super annoying for blogging purposes, but I understand that the world doesn't revolve around blogging (hard to believe, I know) so for this post I'll just describe the shades by colour rather than name. 

I'm going to start by talking about Kiko's Colour Sphere shadows and standard Eyeshadows which are the ones in the bigger casing with the flip lid. When swatching the Colour Sphere shadows in store, I was so excited by the colour and glitter in the shades as they are honestly so pretty. I bought a bright blue and purple glitter shade and seeing them in the store made me fall in love with them pretty fast. In all honesty, when I'm applying my makeup both these shades don't actually appear as amazing as they look when you swatch as they are more sheer and substantially less glitzy. The purple shade in particular I found the most disappointing as even with Fix+, it comes out pretty sheer and I find it quite hard to build on. The two of their standard Eyeshadow shades are, to my surprise, some of the most used shades from this haul. I got a dark brown and deep red eye shadow and they are both such wearable colours for every day. I love the dark brown shade for adding a bit of drama to an every day look; it's perfect for adding more depth to your crease or having a shade on your lid that is dark, but still quite soft. The red shade is also a perfect darker day to night shade and I particularly love it as a deep transition colour for a smokey eye. 

kiko, beauty, makeup, haul, eyeshadow, budget, highstreet, eye, youwishyou, Colour Sphere, Infinity Shadows, review, 2015, swatches
Infinity Shadows on the left, Colour Sphere on the right

The Infitity Shadows that I bought are also all quite 'wearable' colours for everyday makeup looks and I often find myself tying them all into my makeup very often lately. I bought myself a light lilac/pink, light peach colour and warm light brown which are all matte except the pink/lilac that has more of a satin finish than a matte one. In recent weeks I've actually found myself preferring satin finish shadows to matte ones because although they are still without any shimmer and one dimensional, they are quite a bit less chalky than matte shades which I love, I definitely prefer that texture. Out of all three Infinity Shadows I bought in this haul, my most used is the peach tone which I absolutely love as a soft transition shade. This is probably the most shadows in general as of late as I use it often as a transition shade. The brown is also great for warming up a make-up look, as you can probably tell I've been loving warm shades recently and these two are absolutely flawless. Saying that, the cool pink/lilac shade is also a stunning one and I've been loving it over my lid when creating a pretty cut crease. I actually prefer the payoff and longwear of the Infinity Shadows over the Colour Sphere ones, the colours that I got are also great staples for any makeup kit.

Are you going to be taking advantage of the Kiko sale?



  1. I've wanted to try products from Kiko for ages! Super annoying that they don't have names! x

    1. I know haha, I went to write this post as was like "Where are your names?!" Xx

  2. Gorgeous shades! I recently did a big KIKO Eyeshadow order and im in love with them x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. I love Kiko products - I've made my own palette with their shadows x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. where the hell is the store in town?! I need to go in as I can't be making that minimum order haha xx

  5. Kiko is a brand I am dying to try, they always seem amazing and the shades are gorgeous x

  6. I LOVE kiko but I hate paying for shipping :( Hopefully when they get a little bigger than can offer reduced shipping lol. I always think that with £6 for shipping I can buy like 4 more products (which is true for Kiko) but their sales are always so tempting.xx



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