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Shopping Made Simple with Bethanie Lunn

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Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Bethanie Lunn - blogger and personal shopper - for a taster of her personal shopping service at Churchill Square Shopping Center in Brighton. Bethanie has over ten years of blogging experience under her belt and specializes in stress-free, effortless and fast style and spending time with her really made me understand how her service is perfect for someone who can't put their finger on what styles suit them or, like many mums or busy, working women, just don't have the time to figure it out themselves. Even if you have the time to spend hours shopping by yourself, it can be really hard to know what to be reaching for and what really suits you; I go through phases of feeling absolutely hopeless while out shopping, like nothing I'm choosing is right for me and it is honestly so frustrating. I asked Bethanie to share some of her most valuable secrets to making shopping what it should be for every woman; simple. 

Q.) What’s the best way to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed when shopping?

A.) Plan ahead! Make a list of what you need and use Pinterest to build a board of outfits you like. That way, you can be focused on looking for key pieces. Of course, hiring a personal shopper like me also helps. One 60 minute session will equip you with the knowledge of how to dress for your shape, current and future trends, what best suits you and your lifestyle plus plenty of inspiration. I teach people skills so they can shop better for themselves going forward, to make shopping fun and not stressful. Once you know what works, those dreaded changing room moments are banished! 

Q.) Do you have any ‘golden rules’ you stick to when you shop?

A.) Know what you want before you go, if you need an opinion from someone else - take a trusted friend who will tell you the truth and have fun! Fashion should be fun. Never buy something for the sake of it on impulse. Just because it is cheap or a nice colour, do you really need another pair of jeans?? Every piece in your wardrobe should work for you - this way there are no fashion battles. This is also something I can help with, with my wardrobe overhaul service. I not only take you shopping and teach you a few useful skills but I take a look at your existing wardrobe and build new things into it as well as streamlining what works (and what doesn't!), for you. 

Q.) Shopping in real life VS Shopping online: what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

A.) Shopping online is great and convenient if you're in a rush but you can't beat touching the fabric, trying things on before you buy (to avoid returns), and getting inspiration from all the glossy store merchandising. I also love having everything under one roof at Churchill Square as I can sort out me, my husband, my son, my home and even my tummy in one visit!

Q.) During one of your personal shopping sessions, what is the most important thing to establish with your customer to make shopping with them easy?

A.) Their lifestyle, body shape and desires. It's no good taking a woman to buy a cocktail dress if she doesn't have anywhere to wear it (although I believe a woman should always have an excuse for this- ha ha). Similarly, if a person doesn't like a feature - I wouldn't solely focus on that, I'd instead help them maximise their assets. I do a lot of confidence building too. So many women come to me and their confidence is rock bottom. They don't see what I see and focus on the things they hate about their body, feeling they've lost their way and don't know where to start. I've had some women in tears as they don't like what what they see, which is so sad as they're beautiful, but my objective yet honest opinion always turn this around.  My sessions start with a consultation and we talk on the phone too and fill in a Q&A first to establish all these things. My clients tell me so much and really confide in me. I love that they know they can trust me and when we're finished, how much their views of themselves have changed. Turing a scared, uninspired woman into a happy, sassy, confident and satisfied one is the best part of my job. 

Q.) Do you think shopping for yourself is easier when you focus on what you should be wearing or what you shouldn’t be wearing?

A.) Great question. It's a mixture of both. You need to leave what suits you so as to avoid mistakes or feeling rubbish but you also need to know what works for you so you don't waste time or money and consistently look and feel your best. 

Q.) When do you know an item is worth spending more money over?

A.) When you agree you look fabulous in it and can't stop thinking about it once you leave the shop empty handed. Don't let it get away! 

Q.) And lastly, what item do you think every girl should have in their wardrobe and why?

A.) It's totally down to the individual but every woman should have at least one outfit you know works for you, even on a 'fat day'. Something you can just slip on and boom- you're good to go. I personally love dresses. As a mum, I need clothes that I can throw on and go without too much planning or thought. Dresses that flatter my figure but are easy to wear and make me look polished in a hurry. As a curvy size 12, A-line dresses work for me, with a cinched in waist. I like my legs most so I choose dresses that fall to the knee to show off the slimmest part of them. Once you know a few tricks - dressing well is easy! 



  1. I loved this post, it was so interesting to read! I have never been to see a personal shopper, but I have always wanted to.

    Holly x

    1. Thank you! I would definitely recommend it! Xx


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