Sunday, 30 August 2015

Studying a 'Not Proper' Degree

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It's not every day that someone has the nerve to let me know that my degree choice or career ambitions are not 'proper', but it has happened. Throughout my long old time in education, I've never naturally had a grasp on subjects that could be considered more academic. Science and maths have always been my least favourite subjects, and unsurprisingly I wasn't great at them either. Like every person, I have my strengths and weaknesses and it just turns out that my passion is for writing. And no, no not about something serious like politics or global warming but beauty and women's lifestyle; I feel like I should be saying "sorry about that everyone!". Isn't that ridiculous to feel like you should apologize for your interests? In hindsight it is ridiculous, but I'd be lying if I said I've never been made to feel like that. 

When you're a kid (pre-secondary school), anything you're particularly good at is seen as a good thing, every parent loves to celebrate - and let's be honest, show off - any interest their child has at a young age that makes them stand out a bit. But, crossing the threshold into secondary school seems to put those quirky interests in the shadow of 'real' subjects, subjects that 'matter'. Suddenly your adorable dream to be an artist, musician or writer is deemed unrealistic and you'll be told, "Yes, but you need to have a practical plan,".  My parents did this to me and I don't condemn them for it in the slightest because it is true, in today's world we do need to rely more on the strength of our qualifications and I will probably say the same things to my children as they go through school. But past GCSEs, past A-Levels and into adult life for people to turn their nose up at your creative ambitions is just plain insulting. I study journalism and obviously my chosen field would be beauty and women's lifestyle, and I kid you not I've had someone tell me that journalism is a stupid and pointless degree. Well they didn't say it to me, they said it loudly when I was in the room knowing full well that I study journalism- bastard, right?! The actual sentence was this (all media and creative related students please prepare to be completely insulted), "...that's why all those people are at uni studying pointless degrees like media studies, art and journalism." Ya, he went there.

The point of this post is not only to let off steam about how I've been made to feel about my ambition choices, but also to let other people who have feel like they are under pressure to squash their dreams to make way for a more 'practical' line of work know that your creative, artistic, less conventional choice of degree and/or career is no less important or valuable than any other job. Similarly, I'm not saying it's more important either, but what I am saying is that whatever you chose to do for your job, uni course or with your life in general is that you should have faith in yourself and your dreams because the only thing that makes an ambition 'not proper' or 'pointless' is an inability to see its worth. People all over the world are just about to start their degrees and starting to look into deciding what degree they want to do and for anyone to try and belittle another person's ambitions makes my blood boil so much because, quite frankly, that person doesn't have a clue. As someone who has heavily researched the industry that I want to go into, I know that it is booming and there is so much potential for successful careers with it, but someone who has no knowledge surrounding it will obviously have no idea what sort of opportunities there are. Don't ever let someone who hasn't a clue about your field or industry tell you that it's pointless or there is no opportunity for you because you are the one that's passionate about it and has knowledge about it, and if you know (or even think!) that there is a place for you in that industry, then there is. 

No subject, or degree or career or hobby is any more better or 'proper' than another. The only thing that could ever make something not good and a stupid life choice to be making is if you were doing something you hated because you were made to believe it is a sensible thing to do while your dream is sitting there waiting for you to chase it.

I know this was a bit different to my usual style of lifestyle post, it was more rant-y and less advice-y but I definitely feel like this was the best way to get it across and I really enjoy you liked reading it and it inspired you in some way.



  1. So glad to have come across this post. This has happened to me too and it is incredibly frustrating. I have lost count at the amount of times I have had my choice of subjects at college and university 'belittled'. Its your life - you should study the topics you enjoy and are enthusiastic about!

    Zoe xx

  2. Oh gosh! I feel you, I did do what was seen as a 'proper' degree (mental health) and then spent 10 years working in the field but last year I made the decision to follow my heart and become a full time illustrator and haven't looked back. However along the way I have had some odd conversations with people asking if I would ever go back to 'real' work, i've now come to accept this is just part of it and something worth ignoring. I think they think I just sit at home and doodle all day (I do something but that isn't the point), I bring in a wage and i'm doing what I love...what more can anyone ask for?! Keep chasing what you love, it is worth it. x

  3. I can relate to this post totally! I have always had a huge passion for art and many people say that is not really a proper subject but that's only because they don't understand anything about the subject! Thank you for posting this and showing people that are in the same situation, that they aren't alone! :)
    Becky.xo ||

  4. This has happened to me SO MANY TIMES, I did a degree in primary education and most of the time I'm either told it's not good enough or it's not a proper degree. Their loss because I'm in my second year of a full time teaching job which I adore!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

  5. Ahh I feel you girl! It's just ignorant and annoying people who don't even want to open their eyes to subjects outside of their own! I've had similar experiences in which other science students I.e. Chemistry, medicine, biomedical etc. have called my psychology degree not a 'real' science and that it's easy! Ahh it really boils my blood, if they only knew the amount work that I put in for my degree then they would know that it IS a real science! You just keep doing you, I was going to study journalism aswell, but chose psychology instead, but I think journalism is an amazing career to go into and you can learn so much from studying it! With any degree you can learn a lot, because it's hard work going to uni! :)

    Heather Xx

  6. What a rude and ridiculous claim to make. . . everyone has their strengths and of course are going to use those strengths to better themselves in that particular field. It would be a very boring world if we all did the same things. Surely he can see that there is need for all avenues of academics and creativeness and everybody has something they enjoy/are better at . . . what a knob!

  7. Good post!! I have always dealt with that, and I currently am struggling with what to choose as a career path too! I know my parents want me to go down the route 'ive always been good at' but I want to take another route, where my new passion lies. Well written xx

  8. I love this post it doesn;t apply only with studies, but general interests. For example here, when i tell people I am a blogger, they go huhhh.." You really have time on your hands". But at the end of the it's my passion, I work a 9-5 job as an admin assistant, but when I leave the office, I want to engage in something "for me".


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