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Blogging 101: Content Checklist

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One of the most important aspects of blogging, if not the most important aspect, is the content you produce for your blog. Content creation is something I've felt myself develop a fair amount with in the years since I first started my blog, and although there is absolutely no correct or incorrect way to write a blog post and the idea of 'perfect content' is all down to opinion and personal preference, I wanted to share the things I've felt that, in my opinion, has made my content better and more enjoyable and things that I notice when I come across blog content that really captures me. 

-Material You Would Read-

My number one rule for creating content is that I don't create content that I personally would not read. I can't physically do it. Again, this is all down to opinion, and my opinion definitely changes with time- sometimes I can't stand reading hauls, some days I want to read all the hauls- but I think as a rule of thumb you should always be creating content that you are proud and happy to write, and also that you would find useful, because then hopefully you're creating something that someone else would find useful. I feel that adopting this mentality has really helped me fine tune my content as it means that I am excited and passionate about every post I write. 

-Big, Clear Images-

Ahhh, the never ending debate of good quality images VS good quality writing. I personally will forgive if an image isn't great if I love the writing, but I'm 100% more likely to bother to read the writing if there is a good image alongside it. Posts without images are, for me, a massive no-no. I think it's important to know that a good quality image doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be taken on a 10000 megapixel DSLR, but rather needs to display the subject clearly. You can get a big gorgeous, in focus, bright image with your phone's camera easily, the key is lighting and editing. I recently bought an expensive DSLR and I actually feel like my pictures have become worse because I'm so not used to it. Obviously I will get used to it soon, but the point is you don't need to spend lots of money to take a good picture. The camera I used before took some great pictures, it's all about knowing how to.


The beauty of blogging is that we are free to chuck our opinions all over the place. As a journalism student I know that in that industry your personal opinions need to be kept under wraps, but blogging allows us to share of much as our opinion as we want. I do think that this is quite a privilege and as bloggers we should use this to make our content rich and relatable. I read a blog because I want to know what you think. Like I really want to know. I don't just want to know 'this is a good product' I want to know why. What about it made you excited, what about it disappointed you? Tell me! Tell your readers!


When writing, I think it's really important to not only give your opinion, but also give facts and information about what you're talking about. Picture this: you've described this amazing product and your reader wants to go out and buy it RIGHT NOW but they don't know anything about it other than its name and how life changing you think it is. Think about the reactions your readers will have when reading your content and provide them with the relevant information such as where to buy it, how much it is and how it's used. You don't have to categorically list all the information in the world about what you're talking about, but by doing something as simple as linking a website that retails the product, you're giving your reader quick access to information that they may want to know after reading your post. 

-Link To More-

What do I want after reading a kick-ass blog post? I want MORE. You want to give your readers a push in the right direction to where they can find more posts that they might like and find useful. I've been promising myself to create a 'related article' bar at the bottom of my posts for months now but I keep putting it off. I will do it soon I promise! Until then, I'm always sure to link to other relevant posts if I talk about them in the post, or social media if I mention them too. Link to more places for your readers to find you, find out more about you and read more of your content.

Obviously this whole post is complete opinion, these are just the things I find most appealing when reading other blogs and also try to do to improve my own content. Even so, I hope you found it useful and you can use this checklist to help improve your own content. Got any content tips? Leave them in a comment below!



  1. I definitely LOVE big images. It really entices me in

  2. I love big images, the photos are what draw me in x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. Big, bright images is a must for me. I like to envy people's photography! x

  4. When I'm scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed, a bright, beautiful image always captures my attention and makes me want to read that particular post right away! Thank you for this post, it was very helpful :)
    Elle -

  5. Great post lovely I totally agree, I hate it when the blog becomes something you wouldn't want to read yourself, what's the point!? I need to work on my photos now I only have my phone though, I am hating life right now! xxx

  6. I have just started blogging again and this is a really helpful and insightful post into content :)) x

  7. Great post, I definitely look for gorgeously edited photos - it really makes a post xo

    Emily |

  8. I'm one of those who thinks every post should be written according to personal view and taste, by this I mean I'm writing what I would like to read and so it may be different from other people but still is my own and unique content! Also big and clear images are the best!

    Sara |

  9. great tips... I agree about the photos!


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