Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dramatic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

I've been on Youtube for just under two weeks now and I'm really enjoying it, and I'm loving sharing my videos on my blog too. The main reason I started Youtube was so I could do things like makeup tutorials that are hard to do in writing so it seems silly not to share them on here. My blog is definitely my number one outlet so it makes perfect sense. 

I recently created this very glamorous, very dramatic makeup look with a purple smokey eye and it's hands down one of my favourite looks to date. The majority of the shades I used were from a Makeup Revolution palette which is so, so affordable, so anyone could recreate this look. The full list of products I used is in the description box so if you're wondering you'll have to go look there ;) I was also so nervous about doing winged liner because I get so nervous filming anyways I was panicking that it would go horribly wrong and look awful but it actually didn't go too bad. Well I hope not, you might think it looks like a pile of shit.

But, if you don't think it looks like a pile of shit I'd absolutely love you to subscribe to my channel and give it a big thumbs up! 



  1. It's not just your outlet it is YOU, it is where you shine. I am so proud of you for your Youtube it is amazing and you are so talented at make-up, I need to learn a thing or two xxx

  2. Great tutorial, the eyes look stunning! I love the little sellotape trick :) xx

  3. The end result was gorgeous. I am STILLL struggling with creating a winged eyeliner ...

  4. Ah wish I had the confidence for YouTube! Love the look xx
    Glossy Boutique


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