Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Keeping Your Relationship Strong Through Tough Times

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It can be through times of struggle for either just one person in the relationship or both that our relationships can be put under the most pressure. Dramatic changes and tough times in either of your lives can in some situations put strain on you as a couple. I wholeheartedly don't agree with anyone staying in a relationship or any situation that they are unhappy in; if it doesn't feel right then it's important to know when to let it go. But, if you're just going through a stressful or hard time in your life, or your partner is, which is putting strain on your personal life including your relationship, there are definitely things you can do to ease the pressure and help maintain normality. Obviously every couple is different and if it's not meant to be you can't force it but here is some advice to remember for hard times in a relationship.


The worst thing you can do when you're suffering is suffer in silence. I don't think anyone should have to lay down on the councillor couch and pour their hearts out if they don't want to, but even telling your loved one that you are having a hard time but you don't want to talk about the ins and outs of it is going to keep your relationship positive in hard times. It's so horrible to feel in the dark at any point of your life, let alone with someone you care about and by not communicating how you're feeling with your significant other you could make them feel like they've done something wrong or like you're just acting different for no reason. It's important to stay on the same page, and communication is the best way to do that.


Through tough times it can be easy to isolate yourself within a relationship, but an important part of fighting through a difficult time as a couple is to maintain your status as a team and stick together. The first point was all about mentally being on the same page and this point is about physically being there for eachother. And I'm not saying you need to physically smother each other, but remain a team and let the hard times bring you closer and make you stronger rather than make distance between you.

-Do Something Special-

Even if there isn't a lot to smile about, make time to do something special for your significant other to show them that you're caring. Whether the struggle is in your life or theirs it's important to let them know that they are in your mind and despite whatever is going on, you love them as much now as you ever did. Even a small gesture of thoughtfulness will mean a lot to your partner and show them that your relationship is positive in spite of the negative period in their life.

-Be Patient-

Although I believe that all of the above points are key to keeping your relationship strong during tough times, I think it's important to understand that sometimes when people are going through a hard time, although they may want things to go back to normal instantly, it can be really hard to feel 'normal' again if something has really impacted your life. Being sensitive to this is something I think is important because you don't want your significant other to feel like they are frustrating you or hurting you by sharing their emotions. Be patient and supportive and you will both feel better, faster for it.



  1. I completely agree this is a great post which kind of resonates right now huh?! Hahah I like to have some time out and do what we both enjoy away from each other for a while so we really miss each other too xx


  2. I totally agree with the doing something special. It shows them that you care :) great tips!

  3. This is such a cute post! Definitely agree with the communication part too - I think most people think if they keep quiet it will go away but it likely doesn't! xx

    Karan|| studentbeautyhack

  4. Communication is the key to any relationship for sure, but patience is definitely a virtue if one of you is going through a hard time. I know I'm prone to taking things personally if my boyfriend is distant with me, but the reality is it just takes him a while to open up about his feelings.

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts

  5. Such a beautifully written, sensitive piece. My husband & I have both been through hard times that have brought us closer. I put this down to us doing the things you have listed above - it's all about the team work! Xx

    Tania |

  6. I love this post!! Me and my boyfriend have been doing long distance over the summer and its put so much strain on our relationship. Our main downfall was a lack of communication. Once we realised this, everything has gone back to its happy self! Really good tips! A weekly/monthly date night is my favourite thing to keep things alive x

    Abi | abistreetx


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