Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tips For Growing Hair

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Recently I've been obsessing over my hair. It's grown a fair amount over the past months, but whenever I try to grow my hair it always gets to a point where it stops growing. I'm not talking waist length or even past my boobs (I don't think my hair has ever touched my boobs), I'm talking just past my collar bones. Now I know it's fairly common for some people's hair to stop growing at a certain length, but I'll be honest and say I know I don't take the best of care of my hair and I know that's what stunting my growth. Even if my hair is prone to slower growth than other people, there are definitely things I should of been doing to take care of it more and help it keep growing if that was the case. In the past few weeks I've been sticking to some strict rules that I've created after doing lots of reading about how to improve the health of your hair. Although I've only been doing these things for a short period of time- call me crazy- but I already feel a difference. I definitely don't have shiny, gorgeous Rapunzel locks (that doesn't happen overnight) yet, but my hair does feel slightly softer and less brittle. So, here are the things I've been doing to help my hair get healthy and grow faster.

-Drink Water-

We all know how good drinking water is for us. It's great for your skin, your brain, maintaining a healthy weight and also your hair. Drinking lots of water helps flush all out the toxins from your body and keep you hydrated; and that also means keeping your hair hydrated too. A key part of growing your hair is keeping it healthy and hydration = healthy and healthy = quicker growth.

-NO Heat-

This is by far the most difficult thing for me. I'm used to using heat on my hair every single day as I absolutely hate my natural hair so to set myself the challenge of using no heat whatsoever was a tall order to say the least. But, I've bitten the bullet and put away all of my heat products. That means no hair dryer, no curler and no straighteners!!! I've been searching and learning lots of heatless hairstyles which has been making this process so much easier and although it's only been a small amount of time, I can imagine that not applying hundreds of degrees of heat on my hair will do it the world of good!

-Wash Less Frequently-

Years ago I stopped washing my hair every day and since then I've been washing it every other day. But, although that is better than washing it every single day I'm now trying to wash it every three days instead. Washing your hair less frequently means the natural oils in your hair, which are great for it, replenish and care for your hair naturally. Over washing can mean your scalp can overcompensate for the lack of these oils and overproduce it quickly, making your hair look greasy. If you're in the habit of washing your hair every day it can be difficult to get out of the cycle as you feel like your hair gets so greasy so quick, but be patient as your hair will get used to not being washed as often and adjust the oiliness of your scalp accordingly. 

-Take Vitamins-

I don't believe in spending lots of money on those 'miracle hair growth' pills, when really and truly if you look at the ingredients they are just packed full of vitamins. For a fraction of the price tag you can buy these vitamins yourself; and the ones that are best for hair growth are Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamins B and D. Stock up and be sure to take them every single day to reap the benefits! Like drinking water, this won't just benefit your hair but also every other aspect of your body.

-No Bleaching/Dying-

I love dying my hair as much as the next person but it has done a hell of a lot of damage over the years. Like I said in a previous point, healthy hair = quicker growth and there's no denying that bleaching and dying your hair damages it.  Applying these chemicals to your hair dries it out massively, meaning split ends are less easy to avoid and your hair might break more often. Bleaching definitely takes its toll on your hair more than general dying, but if you can avoid both for as long as possible that would be great. If you do decide you can't live without bleaching your hair, I would recommend getting it done in a salon. Although it's cheaper to do at home, they will get your desired colour in the way that is best for your hair and there's nothing worse than doing a botch job at home and then having to go pay to get it sorted at the salon afterwards anyways.

-Weekly Treatment-

For me this is the funnest part of the hair growth product as it's not a strict 'don't do this' tip, but instead a lovely excuse for a pamper. I absolutely loving doing hair masks and they are definitely a great way to reverse damage to your hair. Like anything, one mask every month isn't going to do much so make sure you're treating your hair at least once a week. There are tonnes and tonnes of great masks on the market, but y'all know I'm a big natural beauty fan and I love to create my own using castor oil and coconut oil, so don't be afraid to get creative and make a DIY mask! 


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  1. Totally all over this right now, I find not using heat impossible but I know I must try and refrain more and I am definitely cutting back on the washes and even though it feels wrong I think it's helping haha xxx


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