Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

A few weeks ago I found myself having a few really bad days where I just couldn't shake how upset and negative I felt. At some point enough was enough and I knew I needed to actively do something to get myself out of this negative spiral. I can't believe how different my bad mindset is in comparison to a normal day because I'm typically so happy and positive and I think no matter how positive you are on a day-to-day basis, it's so easy to get so consumed by unhappiness it can be hard to get free from it sometimes without a little bit of effort on your part. 

-Don't Wait

As mentioned in the intro, when I was in my negative period I had to pick myself up and actively do something to change my mindset around. Sometimes if I'm in these moods I literally just want to mope around in my dressing gown for days on end and wait to stop feeling that way, but nine times out of ten, I always feel better faster if I take matters into my own hands rather than waiting for my mood to improve naturally. The fact of the matter is, you only live one life so do your best to not waste it feeling down. Although it's definitely true that even if you are making an effort it can still take some time to recover from a dark period but it's a hundred times better to be making the effort than to be just doing nothing and then wondering why things aren't getting better. 

-Wake Up and Make Up-

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed you are more than likely going to just want to stay in your pjs all day, I know I do anyways. I always give myself a bit of a mood boost if I just force myself to get out of bed, get showered and do my hair and makeup like normal. You might not feel like you want to do these things but it will do you good to practice a routine when your life is feeling like chaos. Having a routine definitely makes me feel slightly better as you feel more in control of your life and also more productive. Even if you're at home all day, at least you've got up, got dressed to add some structure into your day, and hopefully that will add structure to your mind and allow you to think more clearly and focus on positive things easier.

-Get Immersed-

All these things are definitely easier said than done, but I think for this one especially, you really need to make an effort to do this but it probably has one of the most positive impacts. Getting immersed in an activity or task is such a good way to occupy your mind and focus on creating something that will make you happy. It can be so, so hard to concentrate on something when you are feeling down but I promise if you force yourself to start, once you're into whatever you're focusing on you won't be able to pull yourself away and it will really elevate your mood. Read a book, work on your blog, do some baking; whatever you chose to do let your mind get really involved with it.

-Spread Positivity-

I don't know about you guys but when I'm met with a happy, positive attitude it brings me up, and likewise when I'm met with a nasty, spiteful personality it brings me down. Being that person that lifts everyone around you up will not only make them feel happy but also make you feel good. Positivity breeds positivity and I think that one of the most rewarding feelings in the world is knowing you've made someone smile or feel good about themselves, so don't be shy with your compliments and be nice to everyone you meet because not only will it make others happy but it will start a chain reaction of happiness. 

-Treat Yourself-

Retail therapy is real. I'm not saying go nuts and spunk all your money, but treating yourself to something little is a nice way to cheer yourself up. Think of it as a 'chin up, you're doing great,' present to yourself. Whether it's a new makeup product, a chocolate bar or just a pamper at home, treat yourself a little summit summit to lift your spirits slightly.

-Let it Out-

If you're frustrated, upset or down whether its because of a specific reason or just because your mood is lower than usual, the worst thing you can do is bottle it all up. Now, you don't have to go full on Britney 2007 meltdown but talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling, or even write it in a diary if you don't fancy talking to someone (which is totally fine, we aren't all the type of people who find it easy to talk about how we're feeling). If like me, you don't have a diary or you don't want to talk to someone, do an activity that will release some of that negative energy. My recommendation would be to do something that involves exercise because that will clear your mind and release endorphins.

And always remember, a bad day doesn't mean a bad life.


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  1. Love you girl and glad you are feeling better now but I totes agree I am trying to combat the pj moping days little by little ;) xxx



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