Saturday, 3 October 2015

Glamorous Makeup Must Haves

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To me, makeup is at its most fun when I'm creating dramatic and glamorous looks. There's something about getting all dolled up that is so enjoyable and playing and experimenting with makeup to create an ultimate glammed up look is one of my favourite things to do. But, what can you do to step up your makeup just that little bit more and make a full glam look? When I do a dramatic makeup looks there are some steps that really polish it and tie the whole look together and are really what makes a glamorous makeup look stand out from a standard one.

-False Eyelashes-

Eyelashes really just bring your makeup game up a level; if you watch makeup tutorials and see the before and after lash application, you can see how much fake eyelashes elevate a makeup look. I know that some people really don't get on with lashes, I still sometimes struggle with them myself, but like anything to do with makeup practice makes perfect. My favourite thing to do when I'm having a day where my false lashes just aren't working with me is apply individual lashes which you can buy for a very reasonable price and reuse them probably more so than a pair of actual lashes. 

-A Kick Ass Highlighter-

When it comes to glamorous makeup, blusher and bronzer are simply part of the chorus and highlighter is the main star of the show. I adore a super pigmented, bright highlight to complete a glamorous makeup look, and if you know me you know I go all out with my highlighter when I'm doing a full glam look. Legit, no highlighter left behind when I'm going full glam. Highlighter is one of those things you can get away with looking less natural when doing your makeup and it still looks amazing whether it's a light dusting or a whole god-damn load.

-Smoked Out Bottom Lash Line-

If there was one piece of makeup advice I could give myself one year ago it would be to try experimenting with smoking out my bottom lash line. You don't realize the difference this makes until you start doing it for yourself, but seriously it pulls together a whole eye look and makes it look not only complete, but super glamorous and polished. The beauty of smoking out your bottom lash line is that it doesn't have to be super dark or thick if you're worried about creating panda eyes; you can use any shade you want, whether it's in complete coordination with the rest of your eye makeup, a pop of colour to really make your eyes stand out or something a little more subtle just to finish the look.

-Setting Spray or Powder-

If you're creating a glamorous look, chances are you're heading out and about. You've just applied your makeup flawlessly and you want it to lose its lustre quickly. There are countless setting sprays and powders on the market ranging from super affordable to more high end so this doesn't have to be an expensive product for it to do a good job. What I would recommend though is to keep your skin type in mind when choosing a setting product; if you've got dry skin you may want a hydrating spray, whereas if you've got oily skin a powder that will blot and control oil may be best. 



  1. The Urban Decay Setting Spray is my all time favourite! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I can't believe how much lashes make a difference and how much my face has changed without my extensions I really miss them, I also need to buy a setting spray xxx


  3. I totally agree with you on the highlighter point! It makes such a difference to my cheek bones and cupid bow xx

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink


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