Thursday, 1 October 2015

Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial

Who's glad it's almost the weekend? I kind of am but I start uni again next Monday and I'm so nervous about my final year! Anyways, I wanted to share another of my Youtube videos as I haven't done that in a while. I had to stop uploading for a little while because my microphone jack on my PC broke and I had to buy a USB microphone and this is the last video I uploaded using the old microphone so the audio is a bit poor but I'm so happy with the new microphone, definitely give my new videos a watch to hear the difference.

I absolutely love this makeup look as it could take you from day to night if or is perfect for a date when you want to wear makeup that is pretty but not too over the top. It's very easy to recreate and I hope you like the tutorial, please be sure to subscribe to my channel and give the video a big thumbs up! I'm still quite new to Youtube so any support on my channel would be so, so appreciated! 


1 comment

  1. Really beautiful look babe, the shadow colours I wouldn't have opted before until I saw the video xx


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