Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Quick Formula for Getting Ready in a Rush

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This week I started my third year at university and if it wasn't already a stressful enough experience, I'm having to get used to early mornings all over again. Getting up at 6am to go to uni is somewhat different to getting up to go to work at 6am. While I've been in education the only jobs I've had are part-time where you wear uniform, so getting ready really only consisted of showering, putting on some brows, foundation, mascara and lipstick (can't forget the lipstick). While my brows+foundation+mascara+lipstick makeup formula is still my go-to for early mornings at uni, I have to put a little bit more thought into what I'm wearing as throwing on a uniform is just not an option.

I am definitely not one to go all out for uni. Jeans and a plain top are my fail safe; the most important thing to me is being warm enough, and I definitely think my idea of warm enough is a lot hotter than other people's because I am always cold! No matter what sort of thing you like to wear, there is a formula that I stick to when getting dressed in a hurry to ensure my outfits are easy to compile but still looking polished and not as rushed as they actually are. That formula is as follows:

A top + bottom OR a dress
Match shoes to jacket OR handbag

Seems simple right? That's because it is, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been getting ready at 6am and got myself in a right faff about whether brown or black shoes are best with an outfit. If in doubt, I always stick to this formula to create an outfit that looks chic but is pulled together in seconds. And no, don't skip on jewellery. I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but even just one bracelet, a ring or watch will instantly add a height of elegance to your outfit. 

I think the most difficult part of this formula is deciding what top and bottom/dress to wear. Honestly, I know a lot of 'rules' are out there like "don't clash prints", "don't wear pink and red" ect but I think if you know something suits you and you like it, then go for it. Style is personal and if you look at an outfit in the mirror and think "I like this," then don't let anything anyone says (including me) stop you from working it. This formula is not about dictating style but rather providing a template guide for putting together an outfit when time is sparse. So if you don't want to match your shoes with your coat, don't! You do you, boo. 

There are a few other little tricks I use for making an effortless outfit look more polished and chic, but I think I will leave that for another post in the next week or so. Think of this as part one! 



  1. I like the match your shoes to a jacket or handbag! Mornings are always a rush for me too, luckily I lay my clothes out the night before to save time :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. love those flats! so cute

  3. I totally agree with you! waking up for school sucks. for a job, at least you know that once you get home you are stress free! for me, what makes getting ready in the morning faster is having my outfits planned out for the week. this helps me only have to deal with it all during the weekends. great post and I love your shoes, they are gorgeous.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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