Thursday, 3 December 2015

November Favourites

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Oh my gaaaddd, how unorganised am I?! It's been such a struggle to sit down and do any blogging recently; although I haven't been world's most organised beauty blogger I definitely have still been a fully active beauty obsessive; trying a testing different products, playing with makeup and buying all sorts of bits. I have created a nice list of favourites from this month and I will admit it was hard to narrow it down because I do have a lot of new makeup items that I love, but these are the beauties that made the cut.

-Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood-

I know that this time of year is obviously all about dark, vampy lips but when I've been feeling something a little more neutral I've been reaching for Anastasia Beverly Hill's liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood. I adore this shade; it's a gorgeous sophisticated pink colour that I find works well with a multitude of makeup looks. 

-KOKO Couture Half Wig-

In my books half wigs definitely trump extensions. I think I prefer them because you don't have to worry about clips showing, plus they can blend super easily into your natural hair; it doesn't matter if your hair is a lot thinner or thicker in comparison to the wig like you do extensions. I love this gorgeous half wig from KOKO Couture; it blends gorgeously with my natural hair and is so comfortable to wear both of a day and out at night.

beauty, makeup, Lush, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ABH, liquid lipstick, pure hollywood, Bare Minerals, foundation, Love Joy Mineralize Blush, Angels on Bare Skin, review, KOKO Couture, Half wig, youwishyou, catherinedelves,

-Bare Minerals Foundation-

I always used to wear this foundation as my nanny would always give me a Bare Minerals' gift set at Christmas, but since I ran out of my last pot it took me almost a year to get it again. I've finally stocked up and I have loved this foundation for a weightless, natural finish recently. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a really gorgeous, natural foundation but, it still can give a medium coverage as it is buildable. I just love the way this feels on my skin, it's like I'm not wearing any makeup, it's got such a dreamy finish.

-Love Joy Mineralize Blush by MAC-

When window shopping with my friend a while back, we swatched this and both instantly fell in love. Love Joy is a stunning warm brown with gold/apricot tones and although it is a dark blusher it would look so gorgeous on any skin tone; my friend has very fair skin and when she swatched it on her hand, it looked better against her tone than it did mine!

-Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser by Lush-

I could literally cry as I'm writing this because my skin is so awful at the moment. I have a mass of hard, painful under the skin spots on my chin and where I don't have them I have little red pimples. Attractive I know. When I have painful, stubborn spots I always turn to Angels on Bare Skin which I have found really soothes my skin and calms down my spots whilst also gently exfoliating.

Thinking over my choices, I think a lot of these products are the sort of items that I will use and love all year round, so if any of these stood out to you I'd definitely recommend trying it out! Now we're moving into December I'm super excited to play with lots of glitter and glamorous makeup, so there is bound to be a lot of statement products rather than staples in next month's favourites.



  1. I knew I should've picked up Angels on Bare Skin when I was in Lush the other day, it sounds exactly like what my angry skin is after!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. You should, I just read a few of your blog posts ( and subscribed ) and you seem to have the same skin type as me! Get the Angels and get the Ultrabland for your skin too. It works so great, if I have a break out I just wipe my face with this cream every day before bed and they are GONE. It says it all on the pack and you can also read a quite old review on it on my blog from when I just discovered it :)

      Nardy bee xxx

  2. I love Angels on Bare Skin, I have been using them for years now and they always calm my combination skin down, both cleanses and moisturises well! Can't wait for your December posts now :)

    Nardy bee xxx

  3. Pure hollywood looks gorgeous and I haven't tried angels on bare skin yet but will pick it up when I get a new cup of coffee xxx


  4. That MAC blusher is beaautiful I need it! xx

    Karan| studentbeautyhack

  5. The MAC blush looks really pretty I need to check it out

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem


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