Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Sunday Post | Deadlines, Bad Blogger & Brows

My weekend has been spent in this super cosy lounge wear from Miss Pap.

This week my second to last semester at university came to an end. I've been so flipping busy leading up to my deadline and I'm so relieved for it to be over and to get started on my final semester ever. Before this week it had been an eternity since I'd blogged but to me, it really didn't feel that long; I think about blogging every day and I've been writing up posts but I just never got round to posting. But anyways, now I've got some time on my hands I can hopefully get back into the swing of things. I was thinking I want to start doing a roundup of my week, in a chit chatty lifestyle kinda way. What came first the word 'vlog' or 'blog'? Kinda like that. If you're reading this and you think that's an interesting or nice idea then let me know in the comments, or if you're thinking that is the worst idea you've ever heard and you'd rather eat your own toenails than read weekly roundup posts, let me know too!

I definitely feel like I've come back to blogging with a new outlook on things. I went through a major low period at the end of last year and I felt like I had zero passion for anything, but I'm feeling a lot better now we're in the new year and I'm excited to just write about what I'm loving and thinking and to hopefully create some interesting and valuable content for you guys. So fingers crossed my period of being a really bad blogger is over, like I said I have a bunch of content written and I'm hoping to organize my time a little better so I remain consistent. Waving goodbye to the semester I just finished has undoubtedly raised my positivity levels loads as it's reminded me that the end of university is near and that makes me so excited; I can't wait to start working! Roll on the last semester, alongside writing my dissertation I'm also doing a module on documentary production which I'm really looking forward to.

In addition to kissing goodbye to some deadlines, I also kicked to the curb my dodgy as fuck brows as I had a HD brow appointment this week. Before this appointment I have had HD brows done before around the same time last year and honestly, I am obsessed with this treatment. The first time I had them done it literally transformed my eyebrows and this time has been no different. Although they do recommend you have your HD brows done every six weeks or something I've gone a full year without really thinking "I seriously need to get my brows sorted". I've tided them up at home by myself but it's not been until recently that the shape has really gone downhill. I did write all about my first experience getting HD brows in a blog post so be sure to read all about that here and also, I did go to the same beautician, her name is Jodie and I recommend her to anyone close to Brighton, she's so lovely and does such a great job, her website is here. I feel like I love my brows even more than the first time I had them done with Jodie as they are just so full now, I'm literally in love with them. My eyebrows are naturally thin and flat but both my treatments have helped shape them so they are now thicker and have a gorgeous natural arch. I think if you have really sparse brows, HD brows would be a great treatment your beautician really works with your brows to create the exact look that you want. Obviously for some people this may take a larger number of sessions, but it's a very personal and tailored treatment which I adore. 

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My bald brows before and the after. This is also a great example of the effect natural lighting has on photo quality! 

If anyone else has just finished exams or had deadlines I hope everything went well and please let me know if this kind of post appeals to you! I'm really excited to get back into blogging, I feel so inspired and positive at the moment so let's hope this mindset is here to stay.



  1. Good luck for your last bit of uni! Your brows look insanely gorgeous

    CharlotteSamantha //

  2. I love HD brows, where did you get them done?

    Sophie x

    1. By a lady called Jodie Orr in Brighton. Her brand is called Heavenly Brows xx

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  4. your brows came out amazing! good luck with everything :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. Really liked this post and think a roundup post would be interesting to read! Good luck with your dissertation :)


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