Thursday, 11 February 2016

Best Budget Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Typically, my makeup brush cleaning day is a Sunday and in all honesty, it's something a dread all week. It is such a boring task, but the last few times I have washed my brushes it's been a lot quicker and more effortless and that is without a doubt because I have changed my brush cleaner. I recently started using Johnson's Baby Shampoo for cleaning my brushes after reading about it being a great inexpensive brush cleaner, and in comparison to the method I used before it has made washing my brushes unbelievably more unbearable.

In the past I've only ever used DIY brush cleaners that I've seen on Pinterest or on the internet. Olive oil and washing up liquid, washing up liquid and vinegar, coconut oil; I've tried them all and I've never been blown away by any of them. Despite this I have always flat out refused to pay through the nose for a brush cleaner by MAC or even a high street one because I knew deep down that I could find something that worked for me that wasn't just a £10 bottle of alcohol-y water. Deciding to try Baby Shampoo was hands down the best choice I've ever made because although it doesn't stop brush cleaning being a dull task, it makes it so much easier and does the job a lot more efficiently. I always feel like my brushes are good as new after washing with this, it literally leaves them squeaky clean and with little effort! Johnson's Baby Shampoo retails in the UK for around £2 and I've been using my current bottle for four or five weeks and I'm around two thirds of the way through it. Plus, I think I'm quite wasteful with the product as I always squirt out too much than I actually need so I think if you were careful (or just not careless) you'd make it go further. 

Definitely give this a try, for a price it's not worth not trying baby shampoo as a brush cleaner! I would bet a lot that you won't be disappointed though, it really has made my life a whole lot easier and I hope it does the same for you too.



  1. I used to use this stuff religiously to clean my brushes. I found that it just didn't quite get rid of all the foundation on some brushes, I use a bar of soap now and it's the best thing ever! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. I've been using baby shampoo for years, I've switched to the boots own brand and it works fine and it's often only £1! Bargain! I do have some bottles of brush cleaner for those days when you need a clean brush in a hurry - they dry so quickly.

    Honestly Aine

  3. I use this for cleaning my brushes too! It smells so lovely and leaves them so soft. Wish I was as disciplined as you at how often you clean them!!

    Laura |

  4. My brush cleaning day is sunday as well and baby shampoo is the only thing i use! So easy to use and smells great xx

  5. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to washing my brushes. I use baby johnsons on my baby's hair and never thought to use it on my brushes. Great tip xx

  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one who uses this! Such a bargain beauty product, it just feels odd when you're buying it at Boots haha

    The Modern Audrey

  7. I've heard this quite a lot but never tried it, I use a simple face wash to cleanse my brushes. But I will give this a go for sure!

    F x

  8. This is exactly what I use, and it is perfect :)

    Sophie x

  9. Baby shampoo is such a good idea! I just use regular shampoo and conditioner to clean mine, (thanks for reminding me to clean my brushes!), and that works really well as well! But it is extra effort though with conditioner. I'm always tempted by the MAC one as well but I agree, definitely not worth the money. Baby shampoo is probably better for the brushes as well than regular shampoo so I will have to give it a go! Gweni xxx

  10. I love using Dove shampoo for cleaning my makeup brushes, might give this a go though. Great post.


  11. I've never thought to use baby shampoo! I'll have to give this a try. I've tried many different mixes and most recently I've been using vinegar, hot water, and dish soap. It actually works really well! I don't wash my brushes nearly as much as I should, though, so I think anything would work well since they're so dirty, haha!

  12. I've seen quite a lot of people talk about using baby shampoo and I might try it! It may actually motivate me to wash my brushes :) xx


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