Monday, 14 March 2016

10 Healthy Hair Tips

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Near the end of last summer I vowed to start taking proper care of my hair. I have never, ever liked my hair. It's really fine, doesn't grow and has zero volume so I've always felt unsatisfied with it. The whole of my teenage years were spent bleaching, dying, curling and straightening my hair and it got to the point where my hair would barely grow and looked like straw. I wanted to try and help my hair become more manageable and healthy looking, so after watching what feels like hundreds of videos on Youtube on tips to getting healthy hair, I decided to embark on a hair transformation journey. I was following all of these steps religiously (no cheating at all!) until the start of this month, and just by sticking to all these rules for six months, I have honestly noticed such a change in my hair. I still follow most of these rules but I have straightened my hair a few times in the past few weeks, but even so my hair still feels in lovely condition thanks to my hair rehab!

-Don't Wash too Often-

I know some people can't bare the thought of not washing their hair every day or every other day, trust me, I used to be the same. I discovered that washing your hair every day actually strips it off it's natural oils and will cause it to become dry and also get greasier quicker! I now wash my hair twice a week (yes, twice a week) and my hair looks fine between washes. If you're struggling to keep your hair looking fresh between washes, get yourself some dry shampoo. If you find it's not helping, switch brand as although they seem the same, I find a lot of the dry shampoos on the market are actually very different. 

-No Heat!-

Again, this is one that some people will think is impossible! Let me tell you, it's not, I used to use my straighteners every single day and I went months without them! Every time you're using your blow dryer or heat tools on your hair you're frying your lengths and ends with hundreds of degrees of heat, which causes so much damage to it. There are absolutely loads of heatless hairstyles tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube, and going without any heat on your hair will honestly do it the world of good. I think out of all of these tips this is one of the most important!  

-Nourishing Oils & Treatments-

If you have dry or damaged hair, treating it with oils is the best way to restore the moisture and get it looking shiny and healthy. Whether you prefer to use a weekly treatment or a daily leave in treatment, using something to maintain the moisture in your hair will dramatically change it's appearance. As I have fine hair, a lightweight oil or mask is perfect for me. But, if you've got thicker hair you might want to use coconut or castor oil as a weekly treatment. 

-Avoid Frequent Colouring-

I know how hard this is, especially if you get root regrowth like me, but try your best to keep colouring to a minimum. The harsh chemicals in hair colourants can be very damaging to your hair if used too often and can lead to dry, brittle locks. Bleach is especially bad for your hair and can do near irreversible damage. I would always, always recommend you go to your hairdresser if you need to bleach your hair as they will be able to get you to the colour you want with minimal amount of damage. I know it may seem simple enough to bleach your hair at home, I used to bleach my hair myself and it ruined my hair, I beg you please learn from my mistakes and go to a hairdresser if you need bleaching. 

-Be Gentle With Wet Hair-

Your hair is it's most fragile and prone to breakage when it's wet, so be extra gentle with it when it's in this state. After washing or wetting your hair, it's recommended to not brush it until it's dry to avoid as much damage as possible to the hair. I personally find it near impossible to let my hair dry without brushing it as it would just dry a matted, knotted mess so I use a Wet Brush, which is specially created to gentle on wet hair. Another brush you can use to minimize breakage on wet hair is a Tangle Teaser and I would definitely recommend using either that or a Wet Brush to gently brush through wet hair.

-Be Gentle With Dry Hair!-

So I just mentioned being careful with wet hair, but you should also treat you hair gently when it's dry too! It is less prone to breakage when it's dry, but a lot of people have daily habits that are doing damage to their hair without them even realizing. I always used to twirl my hair tightly with my finger or rub the strands of my hair together habitually, which I was told by my hairdresser at the time causes damage and breakage to the hair. I've also heard that tying your hair up tight into the same spot day after day can cause a lot of tension to your hair and even cause baldness if it's done too much. Obviously don't be afraid to do anything with your hair, but do be gentle with it and mindful of what you're putting it through.

-Heat Protection-

If you absolutely have to use heat styling tools then a heat protector is an essential. Heat styling exposes your hair to hundreds of degrees of heat, so make sure you're protecting your precious locks with a heat protector. There are absolutely loads of heat defense products on the market, so you're really spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one. As well as there being loads on the market, there are so many very affordable ones too!

-Massage That Head-

Who doesn't love a cheeky head massage? I'm giving you the perfect excuse to demand them left right and center from now on wards; they are amazing for your hair. Obviously your hair grows out your scalp (duh) and stimulating that area will promote quicker hair growth. I've made your week, right? You can rest easy knowing that head massages will help your hair grow faster.

-Take Vitamins-

This is probably the most effortless way to treat your hair and also your whole body. A lot of vitamins are beneficial for your hair, skin and nails at the same time, who would say no to caring for all three at the same time? You'll find a lot of the 'hair growth' pills you can buy are simply made up of regular vitamins that you can find at your supermarket for a fraction of the price. Vitamin A, D and B group vitamins such a Biotin and Folic acid are all meant to help promote hair growth and healthy hair so I'd recommend trying them before purchasing pricey 'miracle' hair growth pills.

-Drink Lots of Water-

Drinking enough water is so important for your health and well being, including that of your hair. Not drinking enough water can cause dry, weak hair which is the opposite of what you want if you're trying to grow it out or improve the general condition of it. The recommended daily intake of water is 2 litres a day, which sounds like a lot if you're not used to drinking that much, but once you're in the habit of drinking that much, it's very easy. Drinking a decent amount of water will literally make such a difference to not only your hair, but also your skin, energy levels, nails- it's so, so vital for good overall health.

Sticking to these ten rules for almost half a year was hands down the best decision I have ever made for my hair, so if you're in desperate need of a complete hair rescue I'd definitely recommend considering some of these steps! 



  1. I need to take on these tips for my hair too, it is feeling a little dry lately x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I've limited washing my hair and it's really made a difference. I didn't know about the head massages, I'm going to have to start those!


  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I'm still trying to cut down washing my hair but I feel really uncomfortable if I go more than 2 days without washing! Maybe I need to switch up my dry shampoo...


  4. my hair grew so much when i stopped washing it daily and now i can go 4 days without washing. my hair has never been so healthy before.


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