Monday, 22 August 2016

Hero Product: Embroylisse Eye Cream

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I have a lot of holy grail products in my beauty collection. Cleanser, hairspray, highlighter, foundation... I pretty much have a hero product for every beauty category. Except eye cream. Eye cream is something I've never really been blown away by, which is a shame considering I'm so conscious of my puffy under eye bags. That being said, in the past few weeks I've introduced a new eye cream into my routine and I think (dare I say it), it might be my hero eye cream. 

The Embryolisse Radiant Eye Cream* is the gorgeous little product in question. The eye cream comes in solid, stick form which I've found I really prefer to other types of packaging as you can apply the product directly to your under eye area super quickly.

Although it might sound lazy, the effortless application is a massive turn on for me as I do my skincare routine early in the morning before work or late at night. These are both times of day where I want everything to be quick and easy and I'm not afraid to admit that I am that person who really appreciates the conventionality of products such as this.

I'm hands down won over by the packaging and application, but I could never forget that the most important part of any beauty product is, of course, the product!

The gorgeous cream glides onto the skin and I find it feels cool and refreshing on application. This makes my eyes feel instantly more awake and look noticeably less puffy, which has recently given me the confidence to go makeup free for work. My under eye area in general just looks a lot more radiant and so much less dull, which is a massive deal for me as I've never really been overly impressed with any products that I've used to help tackle that problem before now. 

This eye cream is recommended for those with sensitive skin (like me!) and I've found it's been the perfect formula for both my skin type and my skin issue. 


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